Quiet offensive. What happens on the front line

On the arc Svetlodarsk continuing clashes of the Ukrainian army and separatists.

On the arc Svetlodarsk in the area ATO fighting continues. January 10, the military reported that they had taken new positions in the area.

Yesterday there was information about the promotion of the Ukrainian military at the new site.

Корреспондент.net gathered information about a “creeping offensive” of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

The first attack

In early January of Ukraine stated that the Ukrainian military took “certain very important new position, but within the boundary line”, that is the Minsk agreement, according to the Ukrainian military, are not violated.

The route to Gorlovka

On the eve of Ukrainian military completely took control of the road leading to Gorlovka, said in an interview with TSN soldier Vyacheslav Vlasenko, who led the battalion of special purpose Donbass-Ukraine released novoluhans’ke.

“And any move (on the road — Ed.) we see and keep under control,” he said, adding that “if there will be armored vehicles, military equipment, she will be destroyed.”

According to him, today the Ukrainian military has leveled Svetlodarsk arc, it is “almost a continuous flat line”.

Several units of the 54th brigade pushed forward in the direction of Stakhanov and took new positions, which until now was the separatists.

APU says that the positions were released without casualties and almost without shots.

“Here the road, they drove smuggler (smuggling). Now the road is completely blocked,” — said the soldier of the 46th battalion Dmitry Kutsenko.

The DNR deny

In “Ministry of defense” DNR denied the capture of Ukrainian military route Donetsk-Gorlovka.

“In respect of the route Donetsk-Gorlovka we can say that her site to Yasinovataya is in the zone of fire. This area yasinovatskiy checkpoint and the airport area. The rest of this route, no changes occurred. We can say that the statement spread in the Ukrainian media against full control over the entire track, it’s a lie,” said the separatists.

Without accurate data

Accurate data on the extent of promotion of the Ukrainian units yet. So, one of the soldiers that are fighting now “the arc svetlodarsk” said RBC that the APU went out to Sanzharivka (locality 15 km from Debaltsevo). Debaltseve is already under fire control Mat.

As the coordinator of group “Information resistance” Konstantin Mashovets said that recently Ukrainian army in the area has moved forward one, high, a mile.

What will happen next

The people’s Deputy Dmitry Tymchuk said that the threat of further invasion by the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine remains.

According to Tymchuk, any changes in the Donbas is not worth to wait at least until spring, until administration of new U.S. President Donald trump will not form a new policy towards Ukraine.