Ukrainian made a throne for Donald trump

A former border guard and civilian pilot Mykola Khrystych from Exactly surprised Ukrainians unusual product. As the master says, “to further strengthen the friendship between America and Ukraine”, he manually made from oak and walnut three-meter throne for an American President Donald trump. “Today” talked to Rivne craftsman.

SITTING ON THE TAIL. Mykola Khrystych believes that it is a masterpiece of furniture needs to strengthen relations between the United States and Ukraine and says that the throne can be useful not only Trump, but, for example, the United States Congress. But at the same time, Khristich is not willing to part with their masterpiece for free and hopes to get him fees in the amount of 900 thousand us dollars (almost 25 million) — because in him he has put a lot of effort.

“I hatched the idea for about three years, — Nikolay speaks. — First made a listing of photos of American arms and began to think how nice to carve from wood. The production took about two and a half years — I joined the chair and a bald eagle from the coat of arms of America.”

Khristich says that the wooden parts of the throne opened the expensive Swedish varnishes of different colors, and the tail of the eagle is a subsidiary, the fifth leg of the chair. “Wingspan chairs — two and a half meters, — says the throne of the master, and, you know, when I watched on TV the performance of trump, we realized that the size was lost in the interior of the presidential office throne fits perfectly.”

This Khristich adds that his armchair with a secret. “Behind him are safe. It is a mechanism by which you can make out the throne at the details within 30 minutes. That is, dismantled, loaded on a plane and delivered to the address”.

WITHOUT REACTION. Master confessed to “Today” that originally conceived the chair is not specifically for trump, as the “national chair of America.” “In past years, I have repeatedly appealed to the Ministry of culture of Ukraine reported that has established a national chair of the United States. Agency staff replied: “do I have to take it on their backs to carry?”. Then I turned to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, but the reaction therefrom has not followed. And in the presidential Administration I have not deigned to answer anyone my throne uninteresting”, — said Khristich.

We contacted the us Embassy in Ukraine, to find out how
likely purchase Rivne throne official States. There were very surprised and officially declined to comment, citing the fact that such a situation is faced for the first time. But unofficially, American diplomats admitted that a deal is very unlikely. They say that American taxpayers ‘ money, especially such a significant sum cannot be spent on buying such household items, even it is designed for first-person America. Although diplomats admitted that the very existence of this chair was pretty surprised by them. But in the mayor’s office Smoothly, having learned from us that in their city there is such a master, said that it would study the question and try to answer whether local craftsman prospects at the local level.

FOR OUR. And Mykola Khrystych was not discouraged and says that the drawings he has and the draft national chair for Ukraine. And added that in past years, approached him with the chair one of the members of Parliament. “But long traded, reducing the price requested by me 1000 to $ 700,” says Khristich. In the meantime, the wizard had to console themselves with the fact that it recently began to frequently visit all sorts of lovers of antique furniture.