Economic cooperation with Russia

The governments of Russia and Japan to discuss economic cooperation. Against this background, the administration of Tottori Prefecture is striving to expand business with Russia. The Japanese companies from this Prefecture will take part in a food festival to be held in February in Moscow. Also next year it is planned to prepare a system that will help small and medium businesses on the Russian market. The aim is to revive the economy of the Prefecture thanks to the expertise obtained as a result of interaction with Primorsky Krai.

Tottori Prefecture in 1991, began to develop friendly relations with Primorsky Krai including Vladivostok, in such areas as culture and sport. In 2009, the economic cooperation which contributed to the emergence of the Eastern Dream ferry on the route Tottori to Vladivostok. In Russian supermarkets appeared watermelons and pears grown in Tottori.

In August of last year, 22 restaurants in Vladivostok held a “Fair Tottori”. Guests were treated to carpaccio of Japanese lacedra and tea from Burdock produced in Tottori Prefecture. Next year it is also planned to hold a similar event. The restaurants are set up to include in the menu dishes of Japanese cuisine.

Conducting food festivals

At the end of last year the President of Russia Vladimir Putin visited Japan. The parties agreed to develop a plan for economic cooperation of eight items proposed by the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. They also discussed the development of the industry of the far Eastern region of Russia. In September of this year, the Japanese will visit Vladivostok, having received a visa on the spot, and remain there for eight days. It is expected that the simplification of visa procedures will contribute to enhancing the business relations between Russia and Japan.

Tottori wants to use it for marketing purposes to promote your corporate products and technologies developed by local companies. In February, Moscow will host the largest food festival called “Prodexpo”. It will involve agricultural companies from Tottori Prefecture. It is planned to advertise such products produced in Tottori Prefecture, as the juices from the plums and dried persimmon.

Friendship with Primorsky Krai and business negotiations

Last fall, the Governor of Primorsky Krai Vladimir Miklushevsky visited Tottori and offered to develop trade relations between the regions. He showed a great interest developed in Tottori processing of diapers and wetsuits, which are used in dock work. Currently the parties are negotiating on the subject.

Last fall, the governments of Russia and Japan have created a public structure to support the exit on the Russian market of small and medium business. The parties signed a Protocol of intent, which will promote investments and exchange of know-how. Moreover, the administration of Tottori Prefecture wants to create such an organization, uniting small and medium businesses, universities and financial institutions. Next year will be created a budget.

Previously the commercial division of Tottori was engaged only in the shipment to Russia of the goods produced in the Prefecture, but in the near future it will work in both directions. If you grow the turnover, it will revive Sakaiminato port infrastructure. The administration intends to use the business chance, using all the accumulated experience and communication.