The horror of the Russian gripped Sweden

The debate on defence in the Swedish TV on 18 January were marked by the cold war. Now in Sweden the emphasis is on military rather than social development. And what else could be expected, since we’re going to become members of NATO. Training is already ongoing. The host-state agreement was signed, Sweden should pay a round sum for financing of superpower military madness.

Sweden can’t defend itself, so has to resort to outside help to resolve its defence Affairs. According to estimates, Sweden will hold out against the aggressor for a week and then we will need the help of someone else, for example, the largest military movement in the world — NATO.


Agreed on that most of the members of Parliament. People seem to be absolutely blinded by the horror of the Russians, which again began to spread throughout the country. Russia has always called our mortal enemy is extremely aggressive and unreliable. This policy is particularly actively promoted during the cold war. But neither the Swedes nor the Russians do not want to return to those days. Especially Russians, who lost over 20 million people, when Hitler’s fascism ravaged their country. It is highly unlikely that after that, Russia itself wants to start a slaughterhouse in another state.

We, the Swedes, too, are not ready to take up arms after he escaped the horrors of the Second world war and managed to maintain balance among the dangers of the cold war. We choose Swedish neutrality and freedom from alliances. Members of our Parliament, too, should like to agree on this.