MOV-immigrant: Parliament rewrites the law on language — why did they go in a flurry of indignation and controversy?

Consideration in the constitutional court are still existing controversial language laws Kolesnichenko-Kivalov, who leveled the status of the Ukrainian language and strengthened (at least on paper) the Russian position. But Ukraine already has a new language dispute.

The grounds were registered in the Parliament draft laws on the state language. They appeared in the Parliament from three, and part of the society received them with hostility, saying, on the horizon emerges a new wave of violent Ukrainization.

We are talking about these bills:

No. 5556 — was registered on 19 Dec 2016 a group of thirty deputies, among them Oksana Bilozir, Yaroslav lesyuk, Yuliy Mamchur, Tetyana Chornovol, Ihor Vasyunyk, Oleg Medunitsa, and others;

No. 5669 — it was initiated by Nikolay knyazhitsky, Mikhail Golovko, Mariya Matios, Andriy Ilyenko, Oleg Osukhovsky, Alexander Marchenko, Yuriy Levchenko;

No. 5670 — filed it, too, from a group of deputies, the names of the authors more than thirty, in particular, Irina Podolyak, hopko, Leonid Yemets, Oksana Syroid, Oleksandr Chernenko, Igor Lutsenko, Serhiy Vysotsky, Andrey Teteruk and others.

The authors propose the following measures (in their opinion) to protect the public status of the Ukrainian language, Association with it companies and strengthening of the state unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

All legislative initiatives and Patriotic, insists the Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on culture and spirituality Nicholas knyazhytsky. He believes that the bills need to be refined, but the overall plot is correct.

But there is an opposite opinion. So Alexei Panich, a philosopher, culture expert, translator, member of the Supervisory Board of the National public broadcasting company of Ukraine, harshly criticized the proposed changes, in particular, in project No. 5670. Says it’s a “scoop” and “provincial police state”. From his angry posts actually started the dispute over the bills.

“Dear, we are building the “Cathedral Ukraine” as a totalitarian police state?”, — he asked through Facebook by the authors of the bill, and suggested that not all of them read the text that was signed. The scientist believes that the new language rules will prevent the reintegration of Donbass and Crimea and present to the Kremlin. Also, if accepted, it will be impossible to publish in foreign scientific paper in Ukraine or to organize a screening of the foreign film, there are problems with the printing of books and media content.

Vitaly Chepinoga, the people’s Deputy from BPP, fears concerning the strengthening of the Ukrainian language in Ukraine traditionally commented ironically: “If you take the draconian language law, many people will be forced to leave Ukraine. Poltava-Cherkaschina mostly…” — he wrote in Facebook.

HB questioned the authors and relevant experts about how justified the scandal of initiatives to strengthen the Ukrainian language as the state.

Activists picket the constitutional court with a demand to cancel the current language law of Kivalov-Kolesnichenko, December 2016 Photo:

Andriy Teteruk, a co-author of the bill, first Deputy Chairman of the faction of the popular front:

I will insist on two things. First the law on the state language should be adopted, and the law of the “three K” of the Kremlin-Kivalov-Kolesnichenko — canceled mandatory. After all, he is discord and deprives Ukrainians of the right and the ability to communicate in the Ukrainian language.

I consciously support the adoption of the new law. Sponsors are more than 30 members. It is possible that some provisions will be modified, revoked, improved. All that can harm — will not be included in the Law. (Remember, Mr. knyazhitsky, as the Chairman of the main Committee in its report stated that all three bills will be worked out in detail, carefully considered).

All the panicky statements regarding the harassment of citizens who wish to communicate in any language other than Ukrainian, are inappropriate. You should read the text of the bill. To Express their point of view — right on the part of the citizen of Ukraine who lives here wants to live here and trying to have relationships with government. No desire to force everyone to speak only Ukrainian language is not there. We are talking about the fact that Ukrainian is the state language. But public institutions must provide the opportunity to conduct communication and record keeping in the state language. This is normal.

This bill was designed primarily by scientists. We were sent for additional examination to the Institute of linguistics. We love to hear constructive criticism. But to stir up society we do not give. Any panic and speculation — speculative and manipulative. Often people do not see the point of the bill, and clings to something. As a former military man will say to hang on to a Telegraph pole. Do not panic.

Ivan krulko, co-author of the bill, MP from the faction Fatherland:

In Ukraine all the years most offended was exactly the Ukrainian language. He was virtually absent in print media, TV and radio broadcasting. The Ukrainian language felt in the state as not at home, like some kind of immigrant. A big mistake politicians who in the early ‘ 90s, made compromises and did not solve the issue of political identity in Ukraine, the problems of national-Patriotic education, the veneration of heroes and memory.

Now we are reaping the fruits. And the fact that in the Donbass large numbers of young people do not feel themselves to be Ukrainians, moreover, took up arms, went mercenaries to the Russian aggressor, took the side of terrorism — the consequences of the fact that it was not necessary measures of the state.

The question of the state language is not simply a matter of communication. Language has a political function. Of the Russian Federation due to introduction of the Russian language, pursued a policy that where there is language, there is the interest of Russia, there it can invade, there may lead a war of aggression.

The law is intended to restore the state of Ukraine in the Ukrainian language that government officials used state language. The law is aimed at restoring justice in the Ukrainian broadcast, media, books. It in no way infringes on other languages, the languages of national minorities, which can develop in Ukraine.

Ukraine is one of the most liberal countries in the development of cultural identity and language for all. Now we as Ukrainians need to take care of your state language. It is our business. No it will do for us. Our law is not against anyone, but for the sake of. It is necessary for the development of the country, which should break away from Russia.

Oleksandr Chernenko, co-author of the bill, MP from the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko:

All claims of harassment on the basis of language, all sorts of apocalyptic predictions — myths. We need to regulate the issue of state language.

Indeed, there are many problems in terms of protection of the Ukrainian language. Will have gained an acceptable, balanced version of the law. And the fact that around will be a lot of shouting and political speculation — that’s to be expected. It is traditionally.

We need to soberly analyze the situation. Let the emotions subside. And we will begin a serious and professional discussion, which will be adopted the optimal law.

The decision of the constitutional court regarding the law of Kivalov-Kolesnichenko we can wait a very long time. And that it will change? Probably will give legal grounds to consider the norm unconstitutional. It’s like the law on referendum. We expect to recognize as unconstitutional, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work, make a new and better law.

Pavlo Hrytsenko, Director of the Institute of Ukrainian language of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine:

Gosudarstvenii the Ukrainian language — one of the priorities of the President, Government and Parliament. Because we have a Constitution, according to which the state language — Ukrainian. If someone thinks that there is a real, not mythical oppression of other languages — this should be a signal specifically indicating what they are and why a certain action should be qualified as infringement, and not as the shortcomings of the public agencies concerning the nationalization of the Ukrainian language. It is no secret that the Ukrainian language is not required for use in many situations according to the law of Kivalov-Kolesnichenko. And it is a gross violation of the Constitution. In public communication should operate in the Ukrainian language. In private — please use Russian.

Are put in opposition two languages — Ukrainian and Russian. Of those crybabies, no one is going to defend the language of the Crimean Tatars, Karaites, Bulgarians, Gagauz. It is a question of great political speculation. A great pity that we have not expressed objectively distinguished experts, have not been closed in conciliation discussions in the Parliament, one before the other, first and foremost, parliamentarians and their assistants, popping up in the broad information field to the first witness: here we have a super — Ukrainians (or super-defenders of the Russian language). It is all varieties of speculation.

The language issue is very sensitive. It applies to all citizens. The question of language is always aimed at the development of the state and not the past. Those who are already over 90 years old, probably not so important what the wording in the law. And as we will our children to prepare for entry into the broad paradigm of international relations not only in Ukraine — will depend on whether on the historical map of the world Ukraine as a state, or only the memory of unfulfilled ambitions.

The Donbass and the Crimea as the areas of tension and is meant to be here with such pressures. I am sure that again will start Hiking at the places that the screaming, saying, see, we wanted you your language of “Russian world”, to give. Speculation will be no doubt. Look what they write — that Hutsuls and Boiky — Russians, and I must apologize to the true Russians for their “pranks”, and they will look to take you back to the “Russian world” or not. The level of dizziness and the target curvature is so great, so shamelessly, speculative work regarding the Ukrainians, Russian-speaking Ukrainians, Russians that it is impossible to talk about any ethics or morality.

People need to calmly explain. Indeed, in the past, education was available only in Russian, people were taken by tens of thousands on the Baikal-Amur mainline, or something, and then 15-20 years later they returned with nothing to Ukraine, robbed, they took away the language. These people just need help to understand themselves to be true Ukrainians, to help not to be afraid to go into the Ukrainian language. And we will see you much more effect than from a variety of promotional activities plan — “ukry”, “fascists” and destroyed. Nobody destroys. This is an idea that needs people in the head to attach, to again feel its their land, their language, their mentality, their memory of their parents, language and culture.