Groisman: residents of the city should not suffer from mismanagement and helplessness of city officials

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman with the participation of Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Kistion on Tuesday held a working meeting with Chairman of the Lviv regional state administration Oleg Sinyutka to discuss the situation surrounding solid waste management in Lviv.

The head of government stressed that the solution of this problem belongs to the competence of the city authorities. At the same time the Government is ready to provide all necessary support that will allow you to resolve this issue.

“I believe that the lions should be clean. It is the responsibility of the mayor personally and the city Council. But we can already see one week, a month, and probably year, which is systematically the problem of solid waste in such a beautiful city like Lviv, is not solved”, – said Volodymyr Groysman, adding that the residents should not suffer from mismanagement and helplessness of city officials.

The head of Government noted that in the city budget of Lviv as a result of financial decentralization has sufficient resources necessary to resolve the problem. According to him, in 2017 the budget of the city will be 1 billion 800 million UAH.

“With that kind of money does not solve the problem, I believe, is simply not acceptable,” – said Vladimir Groisman. He remembered his own experience of the mayor to address similar problems in the winery. “I had exactly the same problem and solved it 7 years ago and forgot what it was,” – said Vladimir Groisman. He also stressed that in such matters it is very important the willingness and ability of city government to engage in dialogue with neighbouring communities.

In turn, the head of Lviv regional state administration Oleg synyutka said that the key question in such a threatening situation is to help the residents of the city. “Unfortunately, I can’t see from the city government vision strategies for the treatment of solid waste, he said. – Today, the key issue is to help 700 thousand inhabitants of Lviv, who is innocent and cannot be the hostages of mismanagement of city government”.

Following the meeting Prime Minister instructed the head of Lviv regional state administration to hold a meeting of the Commission on emergency situations during which to find a solution to ensure improvement.

“I want to assure you that any decision that is necessary in order to help solve this problem at the Government level will be taken quickly and immediately”, – he stressed.