Minamaneho provides for a reduction for thermal power plants, hydro and nuclear power new energy

The document provides for the total amount of electricity production at 143 billion kWh

Due to the increase of the crisis phenomena in the energy system of Ukraine due to a significant drop in the power consumption Department of energy and environmental protection of Ukraine has revised its Forecast energy balance for 2020. The message and the document is published on the website of the Ministry, reports RBC-Ukraine.

So, the Ministry noted that the energy balance implies a proportional decrease in production of electricity by all types of generation: nuclear, hydro, heat. Also changed the projected growth of generation from renewable energy sources. The balance is designed to provide a safe work schedule nuclear power plants and the grid in General.

In particular, the document provides for the total amount of electricity production at 143 billion kWh. 38.8 billion kWh – designated for TPS, 4,8 – hydro is a 1.5 PSP, 73,7 – AES, 11,4 – RES. Import of 5.1 billion kilowatt hours, export 7 billion kWh.

“In the conditions of falling demand the nuclear units are unable to operate with maximum constant load throughout the day. Until recently NEK “Ukrenergo”, which performs dispatching functions, was forced to unload them at night, on weekends and holidays. Experiments with regular change of load of the NPP are extremely dangerous,” says Minamaneho.

Additionally, the balance is intended to ensure the performance of repairs of power units of nuclear power plants to ensure energy security of the country by reserving a sufficient amount of the maneuvering capacity of hydro and thermal power plants, permanent job mining sector and safe growth of generation from RES.

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“An important element of the power system is to provide sufficient balancing power. Lately, due to falling consumption and low water levels for hydro, the amount of available maneuverable capacity was critically low. It was threatened with emergency situations during times of transition in daily consumption phases. In particular, according to “Ukrenergo” in the last days the gap between the evening peak and night fall has increased from 4 to 4.8 GW,” the report says.

Earlier, market experts stated the need for early adoption of the energy balance due to the growing crisis in balancing the power system.

In particular, Deputy Chairman PROTEK, former adviser to energy Minister Serhiy Chekh said that the imbalance of the power system is a direct threat of power outages in the country.