NF may threaten to quit the coalition because of the case Martynenko – analyst

If the case against the former MP from NF Mykola Martynenko will continue to spin until may 16, when Parliament will come out of unplanned holidays, national front would threaten to quit the coalition and can start the flywheel re-election. This opinion in comments to the website “Today” expressed political analyst Vitaly Kulik.

“If it is not accepted decisions and they will not understand how to protect Martynenko, they can threaten to exit the coalition. It is obvious that during the resumption of the session of the Verkhovna Rada plenary meetings in the month of may, the question of government will again be on the agenda (16 April, the Cabinet of Ministers Volodymyr Groysman expired annual immunity to the resignation – Ed.). The question will be on coalition reformatting, clearer rules of the game. And I do not exclude that during this discussion at SF again will be the question of participation in the coalition. They may require a formal consolidation of signatures, maybe they will be talking about signing a new coalition agreement. And that means certain trouble for the government and possible peretrubatsiya in the Cabinet. Going to watch, because while the defensive line is incomprehensible. UAH 300 million pledge will continue to be the story similar to the story Nasirov. But, obviously, Martynenko will be the focus of the criticism, and NF will bear the loss of image. I think they need now is to find out who ally: Bank – ally or is it a gift from the Bank?”, – said Vitaly Kulik.

According to the expert, if prior to may 16, when the Verkhovna Rada will start working again in plenary mode, the case Martynenko not “correct”, we can be seen as statements about the formation of new political forces and the government, respectively. “On the NF will be formed new political projects, it can be not one but two, for example. And they understand that they will not take as many votes as he took NF (ordinary or early parliamentary elections – Ed.). But they will be quite noticeable for the formation of his own faction and doing his political games. Now their job is possible to find their positions. If the positions are not stored if they are not able to make their people, then they go for re-election. It will be like the last weapon. They don’t swing. But while this room for maneuver,” concluded the analyst.

We will remind, last night was detained by representatives of the NAB, former MP from the “popular front” Mykola Martynenko. The head of the Special anti-corruption Prosecutor Nazar Golodnitsky reported that the ex-MP accused of embezzlement of funds of the SE “Eastern mining and processing plant” in the amount of 17.28 million dollars. Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office during trial regarding Martynenko will insist on his arrest with the possibility of bail of 300 million hryvnia

The detainee stated that the charges against him was fabricated at the direction of the Director of NABU Artem Sytnik for PR purposes and to divert attention from the failures of the Bureau.

The people’s Deputy Nikolay knyazhitsky said that “popular front” will come from the coalition because of the case against Martynenko.