To employment centers it is now possible to sign up on the Internet

In Ukraine began to operate the service records of unemployed persons for admission to employment centers via the Internet.

It is expected that the electronic part will greatly simplify the Ukrainians job search.

“Now applicants will be able no queues to get on reception to experts of the CH: to primary or legal advice or to be registered,” — said the acting head of civil service of employment Valery Yaroshenko. The service works on the website of the Ukrainian employment center ( — section “E-services”.

For the entries in the online queue, you must specify your name, purpose of visit, town, campus, and choose consultation. After that, the system will generate the numbers of the card and specialist. To come to the consultation need a passport.

“And for three months work and upgraded website developed jointly with the UN. With it, people will be able to create your email account, post video resume, see the presentations of job openings and interviews online,” — said in CH.