Publication “lists Savchenko” negatively affects the release of the hostages – Tandem

The activities of the people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko at this stage of the negotiations for the release of hostages from captivity of fighters has a certain destructive. This opinion was expressed by adviser to the head of the SBU Yuriy tandit, transfers “112 Ukraine”.

“Every day we check the information daily passes special meeting. After the publication of the lists in Facebook or in other media the people’s Deputy from the morning was held a working meeting. I personally spoke with the head of this division, Colonel by Kacanovy. We sat down with these lists,” he said.

Tandem claims that the security Service of Ukraine Savchenko passed on to any lists.

“Lists, which she says may have moved, but not by us, but by the representatives of ORDO”, he added.

We will note, earlier people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko has published on his page in Facebook updated lists of hostages held in captivity by militants and individuals, the results of which insist the self-proclaimed leaders of LDNR.

“These lists, 1,195. There is still a list 2284 missing persons, which are specified by queries to relevant authorities,” she said.

Recall, January 10 Hope Savchenko on the page in Facebook published a list of Ukrainians who are held captive or are still missing in the occupied territory of Donbass and in Russia, as well as the names of the persons required to give the militants the so-called”L/DNR”.

January 17 these lists were corrected. So, in the list of persons required to issue the so-called”DNR”, contains 525 names. The militants of the so-called”LPR” demand from Ukrainian side release 378.

Savchenko also published a list of 137 Ukrainians illegally held in the occupied part of Donbass.