Lithuanian students impose fascinated by Putin’s propaganda film

The falsification of history — repeatedly tested by Russian weapons of the information war, which is used with the approval of the highest leadership of the country. One such case is observed in Lithuania.

Lithuanian school got an offer from kinoliteratura Garsų pasaulio įrašаi, which is now showing in cinemas Russian movie “Viking” — discounted tickets for students and free tickets for teachers.

In the film the Russians made their hero Prince Vladimir, Ukrainians believe that was stolen their history. For Volodymyr the Prince of Kyiv Rus, who was in Kiev and baptized their land, when Moscow was not yet. Vladimir Putin said that Prince Vladimir was baptized in Kiev, because he (Kiev — approx. ed.) is so important for Russia. President Vladimir Putin has called the film an interesting “Viking” domestic production: “Certainly, [the film is] interesting. Would love to see again.”

In the film, the story of Prince Vladimir and the struggle for the throne of Kievan Rus is presented in the form of the epic. The filmmakers stress that it explains the actual events, recreated the life of those times, clothes, weapons. However, these statements from the experts are questionable. They say that the film is another product of the Moscow propaganda — Russia appropriates the history of Kievan Rus, which was the cradle of not only Russia but also Ukraine and Belarus.

“The political goal of the Moscow propaganda — to prove to their people and Western society that Ukraine as a state has no historical roots that this state has never been and has no historical basis. They think it’s important, so they show it in different ways and in different forms,” — says the expert of Department of strategic communications of the Lithuanian army Carolis a Zikaras.

Agree with him the Ukrainian writer Andrey Kurkov: “These films form an opinion of the audience, which would later be reflected, for example, in the elections, or disputes about historical facts. Now the history and literature used to promote Russian ideas and supposedly its the real truth”.

For example, last year in Moscow was established the 16-foot sculpture of Prince Vladimir. Ukrainians believe Prince Vladimir as their patron Saint, a monument to him stands in Kiev since the nineteenth century, and, 2015, Petro Poroshenko announced the 1000-anniversary of the death of Prince Vladimir.

Despite the fact that “Viking” is a Patriotic movie, the Internet is more than 20 thousand people have signed a petition for the ban of the film, it argues that it humiliates the Slavs, in the heart of the film are not historical facts and the truth.

The company Garsų pasaulio įrašai presented the film in the Lithuanian market. “How often do we offer? Probably not. And why propose it? Because, as I said, this is the opportunity to see this, let’s say, realistic in the historical context of the film,” — said the press Secretary Garsų pasaulio įrašai Indra Seleukeia, answering the question, how often do they offer discounts on tickets.

She said that, despite the fact that the film endorsed the Russian government should not mix cinema and politics, and the real whether the facts are none of their business. “If a history teacher organized a group and led to a movie, he then needs to tell them. In the sense that it is not necessary to advance something to warn you. Otherwise, we’d never have a Russian film. Russian films — one of the most profitable,” said Seleukeia.

“A lot of TV shows now focused on supporting and promoting patriotism among the citizens of Russia. This is especially aimed at the uneducated, simple people,” said Kurkov.

But Russian propaganda is aimed at children. Soon in cinemas will begin screening of the cartoon “Three heroes and the king of the Sea”. Its the distributor too, Garsų pasaulio įrašai. This is a continuation of other cartoons, for example, “Three heroes”. In it, according to experts, the heroes are depicted not only as defenders of the people, but also the embodiment of certain Russian values, and the Prince of Kiev — as a real jerk.

According to experts, the animation is one of the most effective forms of propaganda. “Children have no filters, so the animation is one of the strongest forms of propaganda. Children do not even realize that somewhere lies a lie, something distorted, fed selective truth. So they take everything at face value,” warned a member of the Board of film Thomas Mitkus.

Mitkus said that if the Soviet cartoons it was always noted that happy should be all of society, not individual people, but now everything is different. “Almost all modern Russian cartoons, the emphasis is on a strong leader, that society is happy when there is one leader who can protect him. Putin? Yes, probably, there is a clear parallel,” said Mickus.

Some Lithuanian politicians say, it is necessary to speak in the field of culture, sports and tourism, because there is no politics, but the interviewees considered this view naive. It is through culture propaganda and most effect on people. Why Russia invests huge money in making movies and not avoiding their distortion, degrading the history of other countries, and underlining the exceptional role of Russia. “If the film is made qualitatively, it is a good creation, he will act on the deep consciousness — then we accept without criticism a lot of propaganda information,” warned Zikaras.