How to effortlessly improve sight easy exercises for beginners

If you have deteriorating eyesight, the doctors advised to regularly do special exercises for the eyes, writes

It is important not to forget and not be lazy, each day highlighting a few moments to improve their own health.

So, try doing these exercises:

  • A glimpse

In the morning or afternoon (in the daytime) go outside and select an object to study (Billboard, ad, inscription clear font). Step away from the object for a few feet and look at him. The image must be difficult to read, blurry, but as soon as you blink, the letters shall for a short time to become more clear. Read the inscription and then when it is again spread out – Morgan. The first day you have to blink every second to catch a “glimpse”. Gradually the time span will increase and your eyes will become more trained. Exercise can be done in several approaches, lasting up to an hour.

  • Look into the void

Cover the eye and applied to the face of palm: right hand to right eye, and the left – to the left. Fingers on his forehead connected. Look into the darkness, trying to relax. Do the exercise when you want to relax.

  • The pendulum

This exercise will help to develop the habit of rolling eyes. Select the object, like a glimpse, focusareas on it and then glancing at the line “left and right” like a pendulum. Losing focus, blink and repeat the exercise. Do the exercise at every opportunity.

  • A beam of light

Exercise for power eyes solar energy, power and comfort. To run it you need a Sunny weather or the light of an electric lamp. Tight, but not straining and close eyes for a moment, turning your face towards the light source. Repeat this pleasant exercise five to six times a day.


  • Getting old is no fun: the number of blind people in the world will increase three times

All exercises should be done in good light, preferably not in the room, and without stress or strain the eyes.