The primacy of Ukraine in the UN security Council: what issues will make the Ukrainian delegation

The Ukrainian delegation during their supremacy in the UN Security Council will introduce two issues: protection of critical infrastructure and conflict resolution in Europe. In an interview with announced the permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko.

It is noted that the consideration of these questions will involve representatives of EU, OSCE, IAEA and other international organizations.

According to him, the first question to be considered on February 13. That day the Ukrainian delegation will be invited to consider protection of critical infrastructure. He notes that the world has become too dependent on such objects.

“Because the world is so technologically advanced that we even do not imagine what it means to turn off the electricity, for example, in a city like new York: it is much more difficult and dangerous than just there is no light in the apartments. And especially with the current terrorist threats. In fact, it is one of the segments of hybrid wars, which is a lot of talk. Of course, this topic is very relevant primarily for Ukraine, but no less relevant for many other countries,” – said Yelchenko.

He stressed that the completion of its consideration of the matter will accept the special resolution.

Also on February 21 will be considered the second question – the settlement of conflicts in Europe, which Ukraine is more relevant.

“Oddly enough, but the question generally was not considered in the framework of the Security Council for 20 years. The last time it was about the same format, this was during the wars in the Balkans, in the midst of postyugoslavia conflicts. And it’s the middle of the 90s. it is important For us in the context of the situation in the Donbas. It is in the context that it was a European conflict that threatens not only Europe but the entire world. And that he was very far from settlement. For other countries, from almost all EU member States, also a huge interest in this topic, because the question of European security is not only NATO. On the other hand, will have the opportunity to raise the issue again of the so-called frozen conflicts,” – said Yelchenko.

He said that this discussion invited EU High representative for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini, the Chairman of the OSCE, Minister for foreign Affairs of Austria Sebastian Kurz, OSCE Secretary General L. Zannier. Probably there will be more representatives of other European organizations, GUAM and the like.

We note that recently main in the security Council was Russia, whose representative joined the authority on 1 October. The Ukrainian delegation will prevail in February.

As you know, the primacy of the UN security Council determined in turn for a term of up to one month for each country, which is considered non-permanent or a permanent member of the security Council. The lead countries are selected in alphabetical order.