Is it better to pay for heating over the counter and whether to abandon it

The heating season 2016/2017 for the Ukrainians unexpectedly expensive. The cost of heating the average is 70% in the structure of payment for utilities. Many residents complain: heat meters have to pay even more than without them. The website “Segodnia” found it profitable to install heat meters and whether to give them up.

On average, houses with heat meters for heat Ukrainians pay 20-30% less than estimated in the National environmental centre. This is due to the fact that some heat is lost in the networks on the way from the boiler to the house on warm days, vendors can “tie” the valve and put less Gcal, etc. In buildings without a heat meter is not taken into account – they have to pay according to the norm regardless of how many actually used heat. However, there are cases when after setting the counter for the warmth you have to pay more if, for example, a house loses a lot of heat because of the “leaky” walls, Windows, cracks.

“If the house consumes more of the norm and loses heat, you need to think about the condition of the house, utilities, analyze the situation and plan energy efficiency measures. Many activities can be carried out without any significant investment and can give savings of up to 20%. By reducing consumption and reducing losses the bills will be lower,” – says the Manager of DTEK ESKO Sergei Svistun.

The expert notes: to abandon counter is not necessary. “If you refuse to counter, the residents will not be able to see above or below the standard they use and how much they can save, from the base level of consumption. Counter disciplinarum user and motivates him to save the heat gives you a starting point for the development of energy efficiency measures and calculation of payback. In any case, everything goes to the fact that all the houses will be provided with heat meters. Other way simply does not exist”, – said the expert.

Note, in Kiev the average heating of one square meter in the house with the meter’s 31.27 costs hryvnia per square meter. Thus, according to the rate of Kyivenergo, heating one square meter in the house without a meter before the innovations of the Cabinet was worth 32,97 hryvnia.