How to help the student to make the correct choice: where you can introduce your child to modern professions

Recently, the automation has gone so far that the principles work for some professions has changed completely. But many jobs remain uncovered due to an outdated understanding of the profession. It does not involve applicants, and specialty falls into the category of unpopular. And this despite the fact that unclaimed specialists more and more. Also lack of acquaintance of youth with the modern professions to understand what is the responsibility of the employee. For the third year this issue tries to solve a joint project of the center “Development of corporate social responsibility” and “STEM: professions of the future”, which aims at promoting engineering and technical professions, in particular technology, engineering and mathematics among students.


The essence of the project is to acquaint school leavers with those who are in demand today in the labor market. And clearly, on the example of Ukrainian companies to show the life of production from the inside and tell what is the responsibility of a specialist immediately at the enterprise. This year the project involved pupils of the 10th grade from 20 schools of Kiev and the region. And among the partners of “career guidance” — companies such as Melexis, Syngenta, SAP, “WILL”, “Energoatom”. According to the organizers of such “immersion” affects the subsequent choice of pupils of educational institutions and specialties, and it is likely that some professions that are considered unpopular, will find their supporters. “In this project, public-private partnerships (business and schools) for 3 years, was attended by about 1500 students from 56 schools of Kiev region and separate regions, — tell the organizers. — Students go to different workshops from employers within a few months, attend production and form a particular vision of the profession. That is, they enter universities that are already aware of the realities of the labour market”.

Students attend the production and is determined by the profession.

Employers lead their arguments. “The problem is that students have formed the wrong understanding of what today means one or the other profession. Parents often are unable to rectify the situation, — said the Manager of internal projects in company Syngenta Alyona Fedko. For example, we asked the students to describe the agronomist. And it turned out that in the eyes of the children is an elderly man with a shovel and a rake that works for very little pay. Consequently, very few guys would like to become an agronomist. Priorities changed when the students learned that it is a profession, most of them automated, interesting and competitive wages.”


In the lectures many companies focus guys on modern approaches and competencies that will be needed in the future in any profession. “For example, adaptive, computational thinking, content filtering, etc.” — gives an example head of marketing communications at Microsoft Ukraine (last year participant of the project) Victoria Nechiporuk. Other employers participating in the project also noted that intend to convey to the audience the latest concepts, without which work not only in their company but in other companies, is practically impossible.

COME ON, GIRLS. An offshoot of the main activities of the project “STEM: professions of the future”, which is also related to career guidance — “Divchata STEM for girls”. This is a motivational trainings and specially designed meeting the students of the schools with successful women who tell us how they achieved great results in his career. Such events have already been attended by about 750 students. “I was interested to learn about the ways of success of the Ukrainian women. After all, many out all at once: they have worked long and hard to reach this level, — says the tenth one of Kiev schools, Anes. — Something I took for themselves note: I understand that you need to listen to intuition, do not be afraid to occupy an empty niche in the market, don’t be shy to ask what you do not know, even if know it all. Also we should not sit in place and not to miss an opportunity to learn new things in trainings, seminars and workshops. In addition, since the project involves a limited number of people, our task was to tell my classmates.”

ABOUT COOPERATION. To become a member of the project, all interested schools and companies can contact the organizers of the project (participation for schools is free). “Of course, the first thing we pay attention to the motivation letter, — says the organizers. — Choose the school who understand why they need such guidance. “The project will develop and spread in the regions of Ukraine that more children had the opportunity to learn about your future profession”, — said Marina Saprykina, head of the Center “Development of corporate social responsibility”.


The main emphasis is on fostering young people’s interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. “Students of the 10th grade attend practical lessons from companies for the development of ICT and mobile technologies, microelectronics, chemistry and biology, — told in “STEM: professions of the future”. Meetings are held at schools or on neutral territory (at universities, training centers, etc.). But of special interest to students was caused by excursions to enterprises, laboratories and meeting with professionals.”

The project changed and life partners. For example, the General Director of the company Melexis Anna Maslikova recognized that the participation of the Ukrainian office last year inspired the company’s head office to develop at the global level: the project involved not already four employees, and almost half. And the participants have already noted certain results: according to Elizabeth Gorbunova, project coordinator at Scandinavian gymnasium, the greatest effect is seen among those who study at 6-7. “Some students have already decided where they want to work, and improved grades in core subjects in a very short time,” she says.

In laboratories. Students can look for a real job.