In the network there was a big discussion about emigration from Ukraine

In Ukraine, the air permeated the atmosphere of exile, they want to leave the millions, any note on this subject is doomed to popularity of this offer the pros and blogger Arthur Orudjaliyev launched in the network of hot debate on the topic of emigration from Ukraine.

According to him, “everything that happens around them – the genocide of the Ukrainian state towards its citizens in its purest form.”

But I agree with Orujaliyev, not all. Many social media users point out that everyone is free to live where he wants, but they stress that emigration is not a betrayal, because from abroad it is possible to help Ukraine.

Others urged Ukrainians to stay here and work together to build a new country, in which many of those who left and then want to return.

As reported, in November 2016, the population of Ukraine decreased by 0.04%. In November in Ukraine were 42,604 million people.