American stock exchanges closed in positive territory after the inauguration of the trump

The major US stocks finished Friday in the green zone on the background of the entry of Donald trump in the position of President of the United States, according to the auction.

The Dow Jones industrial rose by 0.48 — to 19827,25 points, the index of high-tech companies NASDAQ — on 0,28%, to 5555,33 points, the index of wide market S&P 500 — by 0.34% to 2271,31 points.

In his inaugural speech, trump promised to protect the interests of American workers at the conclusion of international treaties, to bring back jobs and restore prosperity. According to him, it will make America once again strong, rich, proud, safe, and great, and the contradictions in American society are resolved.

Immediately after the swearing trump the White house has published the program of the new administration, from which it follows that the President intends to achieve U.S. energy independence from OPEC and the “countries hostile to US interests”. In addition, the US will come out of the TRANS-Pacific partnership and revise the agreement the North American free trade area. The US will use all tools against countries that violate trade agreements, and intends to deport illegal immigrants with criminal records.

“Trump made it clear that today, or no later than the Monday we see the specific Executive acts, which will set the tone for all actions of the administration and outline his priorities”, — quotes Agency MarketWatch review senior strategist at Ameriprise Financial David joy (David Joy).

Meanwhile, the country continues season reports. So, Procter & Gamble reported growth in the second quarter Vigoda 2.44, up to 7,896 billion, or 2.88 dollar per share, while experts had expected the index at 1.06 to the dollar.

Net gains attributable to shareholders, for the quarter amounted to 3,486 billion, a decrease of 45% yoy. Diluted earnings per share was 0.39 us dollar against expectations at the level of 0.46 per share.

American Express reported a decline in fourth-quarter profit by 8% to 825 million dollars. Diluted earnings per share was 0.88 dollar and 0.89 per dollar a year earlier.