In Parliament announced plans on lifting the immunity of five MPs

Consideration of the submission of the Prosecutor General to the criminal prosecution of five people’s deputies Oles Dovgy (“will of the people”), Andrey Lozovoy (Radical party), Yevgeny Deydey and Maxim Polyakov (both “people’s front”), Borislav Rosenblatt (PPB) is expected at the next plenary week. This was stated in the comment “observer” the people’s Deputy from BPP Vasili Janicki.

According to him, these appeals of the GPU will be discussed before the parliamentary summer recess.

“Most likely, will consider before the holidays. I think it will happen on Tuesday or Thursday the next plenary week,” said Janicki.

According to him, a question Long of Willow and Dade has long hung, but the situation with the defendants in the “amber case” Rosenblatt and Polyakov was “on automatic”.

Recall, all of these politicians, the General Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko made a submission to the criminal prosecution yesterday in one day.