Arab Twitter users: “the Inauguration of the trump similar to the inauguration of the Pope”

@zugailamm: the inauguration of the trump similar to the inauguration of the Pope, the priests, the prayers and hymns. How many times he repeated the words of God and Jesus? Liberal Arabs and atheists is probably much.

@AbduIrahmanSaud: tramp came to the White house to prove that money can work wonders, and here we have “drunk with$”, stupid person who exercises control over the most powerful nation in the world.

@khalifa624: Obama gone, but America remained. Syria went into retirement, but remained Assad.

@mshinqiti: Can be very stupid and arrogant trump is better suited to our region than a very smart and hypocritical #Obama… all the will of God.

@AzzaElGarf: They want to erase Islam from the hearts of everyone on earth, trump starts his inauguration in the Church with Bible reading…you’re calling for civility, is not schizophrenia and terror?

@ZiadAldrees: the Shortcomings of democracy: it can allow like trump to come to power. Advantages of democracy: the commitment to the peaceful transfer of power, even a man like trump.

@rdooan: no Such thing as “radical Islam” does not exist as long as #Trump announces not fight it, but there are radical Muslims, just like Christians, Jews and Buddhists, among which the level of radicalism, and perhaps even more.

@GamalSultan1: I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, but my impression from the speech #trump on his inauguration was as if he sells his words and that he is the weakest American President, do not represent great value.

@hasanhamzeh2: CNN published a report about who will take the post of trump, in case he was killed on Friday during his inauguration!! Is this normal at all??!! I like trump…

@dr_fahad_harthi: EA #trump Nora Simon advises Americans to read the history of Islam, and would be advised to read about the history of # America in Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan

@althani_faisa: Despite a sharp rejection of some Americans to trump and his policies need to respect the choices of society and to give him his chance to rule the country. If Mursi had their chance, things would be very different…