The culmination of the rapid ascent trump

Washington — Donald John trump, on Friday passed the procedure of inauguration, becoming the 45th President of the United States and ushering in a new and more unpredictable era in which he vowed to destroy the existing order and to return America to greatness.

Under the first drops of rain, standing on the Western facade of the Capitol, which had a view of the crowd of several hundred thousand people, Donald trump has painted a bleak picture of the country, separated and going through hard times, exploited and forgotten a handful of representatives Washington elites taking positions on the world stage. Since his arrival to power, he promised, everything will finally change.

“The American carnage must be stopped here and now,” said he, turning to the people with his impassioned 16-minute inaugural speech.

“The time for empty talk has passed, — he said. — There comes a time for action. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do it is impossible.”

He said that the inauguration signifies not only a peaceful transfer of power from one party to another. “We transfer power from Washington and return it to you people,” he said.

“For too long, he continued, a small group of people in the capital of our country reaped the fruits of his power, and the costs fell on the shoulders of the people. Washington flourished, but people of his goods and wealth received nothing. Policy flourished, but the jobs disappeared, and factories closed. The establishment defended itself, and not the citizens of our country. Their victory was not your victories. Their triumphs are your triumphs”.

He promised to reverse this trend and make America first. “Forgotten men and women of our country never be forgotten.”

After taking the oath, the text of which consisted of 35 words and a procedure which was chaired by the President of the Supreme court John Roberts, Jr. (John Roberts Jr.), Donald trump is in a dark suit and red tie, accompanied by his wife Melanie, dressed in a blue suit, not going to waste time and will soon begin to unravel the policies of his outgoing predecessor, President Obama. Within a few hours after the inauguration of the new President can start to sign the decrees suspending the effect of the regulations enacted by President Obama in recent weeks, tenure, and repeal laws in the field of healthcare, immigration, and other areas.

His son Donald trump Junior said that the new President is trying to get used to the weight of his new position — even if not always looks like this in public. “Throughout this process he was humiliated, he said in an interview with MSNBC. And, you know, whether he shows it externally or not is not important.”

Throughout this long day with its celebrations, pomp, pomp and splendor, which ends in three points on the occasion of the inauguration, Donald trump will be able to fully enjoy his triumph. Surrounded by relatives, deputies, former presidents and other dignitaries (including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the democratic candidate, he won the election in November last year), trump took control of the country. A country that after one of the most difficult stages in modern history was in a state of uncertainty and unprecedented fragmentation.

His critics made it clear that a single day does not want to recognize the new leader, whom they blamed for the fact that he plays such low feelings of racism and hatred. Early Friday morning in protest against the new President gathered demonstrators. Liberal groups organized a March, which, they expect, in downtown Washington on Saturday will bring together up to 200 thousand people.

An hour before the inauguration of Donald trump’s demonstration escalated into violence when the protesters smashed Windows of shops in the area of Franklin square in downtown Washington. In the building branch of the Bank of America smashed all the Windows, and Starbucks in the glass doors now gaping hole. Police in protective helmets used cans of pepper gas to disperse demonstrators who ran away and kept hitting the glass.

For Donald trump, the pageant became the culmination of his astonishing rise to power (contrary to predictions), and his rise to power is tantamount to raider capture of the capital, experiencing the most severe test in decades. Although trump is officially a Republican, he was sometimes scorned leaders of both parties and has positioned himself as an absolute outsider, making it clear that in determining the course he will be guided by your intuition.

America never had a President like Trump is the son and grandson of immigrants who grew up and became a real estate Mogul, casino owner, the owner of the rights for the beauty contests and star of the reality television, the stormy love life of which unfolded on the front pages of the tabloids.

Never before has the presidential oath did not bring a man who never served in the public service or in the army. In his 70 years, the trump will be the oldest President ever to step in this position for the first time, and first since Franklin Roosevelt President born in new York.

He is one of the richest presidents ever becoming owners of the White house and has huge business connections, which already raises questions as to where the end of his interests and the interests of the country. He enters the Oval office, with a train of scandalous reports of Russian intervention in elections in his interest, and for a few hours before his inauguration — and even new results of the FBI investigation into the Russian connections of some of his advisers.

But trump spared skeptics who never took him seriously when he started what seemed a hopeless struggle for the presidency of a man divorced from reality. He (the tycoon, who was educated in one of the best universities included in the Ivy League, and lives in the heart of the largest city in the country in the tower with a living room with a length of 25 metres) turned into the incredible leader of the populist movement, which originated away from the big cities and quiet suburbs.

His intransigence and straightforwardness, disregard for Convention and a willingness to shock and to scorch the entire population, to convey their main idea was perceived as invigorating though many Americans, disillusioned with the politically correct Washington elite from among both parties. But because of his constant bickering and impulsive statements on Twitter many other voters turned away from him, and in the end, as shown by the results of the polls, his ratings were the lowest compared to the presidents who were in office in modern history.

On Friday, he takes on the leadership of the country, not having a fully formed team. Although he named the nominees for all the positions in the Cabinet approval process in the Senate has slowed, and it was announced a few officials in the rank of Cabinet members, but not included in the Cabinet. Trump asked more than 50 officials from the Obama administration, mostly from the security forces, to remain for some time to ensure the continuity of power.

Trump has decided to carry out the procedure of the 58th inauguration in the history of the country, mainly in compliance with the traditions. They with Mrs. trump, a former supermodel originally from Slovenia, started the day with a visit to the service in the Episcopal Church of St. John in the heart of Lafayette square opposite the White house, and then made a short trip to the residence of the President, to have coffee with Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. From there, the two presidents went in a limousine to the nearby Capitol.

In addition to Barack Obama at a ceremony attended by former presidents Jimmy Carter, bill Clinton and George W. Bush — although all four had opposed the election of trump. President George H. W. Bush was still in the hospital in Houston where he was treated for pneumonia. More than four dozen Democrats from the house of representatives stated that in protest they will boycott the event.

Three religious leaders from different denominations, said prayers. The first was Cardinal Timothy Dolan (Timothy Dolan), Catholic Archbishop of new York, who once accused trump’s “racism”, followed by a prayer read Dr. Samuel Rodriguez (Samuel Rodriguez), representing the clergy of the National Hispanic Christian conference, and pastor Paula white (Paula White), the famous televangelist from Florida.

First, Supreme court justice Clarence Thomas (Clarence Thomas) was sworn in by the future Vice-President Michael Richard Pence (Michael Richard Pence). 57-year-old Penny, a former Governor and Congressman from Indiana, put his hand on the Bible, Ronald Reagan, and his wife Karen and three grown children, Michael, Charlotte and Audrey, watched the ceremony.

During his own oath Donald trump put his hand on two Bibles — one of them gave him the mother in 1955, shortly before his desyatiletiya, and the second took an oath by Abraham Lincoln when he took office in 1861, and then Barack Obama in 2009 and 2013.

Near stood trump, Ms. trump and adult children of a new President from two previous marriages: Donald Jr., Eric, Ivanka and Tiffany. Also nearby was the husband of Ivanka, Jared Kushner (Jared Kushner), who will work on a Pro Bono basis as a senior Advisor in the White house, led by his father-in-law. 10-year-old son of Donald trump Barron on the morning event was not, but he was present at the swearing in. He will remain in new York with Ms. trump to the end of the school year.

Upon completion of the oath four times sounded the drum roll and fanfare played by the band of the marine Corps of the United States, and then the official March “Salute the commander” (Hail to the Chief), and then was given a salvo of 21 guns.

After Donald trump said the inaugural speech, with the blessings were made by Rabbi Marvin Hier (Marvin Hier), the founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center; the Reverend Franklin Graham (Franklin Graham), a role often played by his father, Reverend Billy Graham (Billy Graham), and Bishop Wayne Jackson (Wayne Jackson), senior pastor of Great Faith Ministries International and head of network Impact Network, which calls itself the only Christian television network founded by African Americans and working under their supervision.

16-year-old Jackie Ivanko (Jackie Evancho), who became famous as the participant of the television talent show America’s Got Talent, which finished in 2010, second place, sang the US national anthem.

Other performers refused to participate in the celebrations, including Jennifer Holliday (Jennifer Holliday), which cancelled their gig just a few days before the event after the negative reaction from the gays and lesbians among her fans. Made the Mormon temple choir, despite an online petition signed by over 36 thousand people, and the failure of one of its members from speech. As well will speak and the choir of Washington National Cathedral, despite the objections of the last rector of the Cathedral.

Like other presidents before him, Donald trump, were supposed to attend the dinner with the legislators in the National hall of statues in the Capitol, which was served lobster, beef and chocolate souffle. After which he returned to Pennsylvania Avenue to the White house, where he will watch the parade in honor of the inauguration of the temporary pavilion installed specially for the occasion.

From the city, where trump has received only 4% of the vote, many residents left at holiday time and weekends, which many Central streets were empty even outside the security zone, guarded by many police and soldiers.

After eight years of his presidency Barack Obama has resigned as President and went after the ceremony by helicopter from the Capitol to joint base Andrews, located in Maryland a few miles from Washington, where he delivered a speech to the crowd of his former aides and allies.

Then he and Michelle got into the presidential plane (now non-fight # 1) and flew to palm springs, California. There they will leave, then return to Washington.

Obama rented a house near the White house to their youngest daughter, Sasha, was able to graduate from high school. Thus, Barack Obama will be the first since Woodrow Wilson the President, who, after leaving office, remained in Washington.

Just a few hours before his departure, Obama went on Twitter to Express gratitude to his followers that he has 13.6 million people and has hinted that is not going to disappear quietly. He asked them to share their ideas and promised to continue to actively engage in politics.

“I won’t stop, I’ll be with you, as a citizen, inspired by your votes for truth and justice, good humor, and love,” Obama said to the people in the video on the new website of his Foundation In this video, Barack Obama, joined by Michelle and Obama promised to make the Fund “a real operational center of citizenship” in the world.

In turn, Vice-President Joseph Biden Jr. and his wife Jill Biden plan to take the train to the state of Delaware, which Biden represented in the Senate for 36 years. But yet they plan from time to time to come to Washington, as Ms. Biden teaches at a community College nearby in the neighboring state of Virginia.