Russia will experience a nuclear train

The flight tests of missiles for the Russian military railway missile system “Barguzin” is scheduled for 2019, reported on Thursday, RIA Novosti source in the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation.

Earlier some media reported that in 2016 successfully passed the throwing test missiles for the complex. Throwing test — the first stage of testing any missiles. In these tests it is checked, in particular whether the design of the algorithms preparing the missile for launch, as the rocket leaves the launcher and the launcher works like equipment.

Soviet bzhrk with a rocket “Good” was withdrawn from service in 2005 in connection with the provisions of the Treaty start-2. New start-3 Treaty does not prohibit the creation of new missile complexes. Rail-mobile missile system “Barguzin” it is planned to develop till 2018. It is noted that the new rail-mobile missile systems will far surpass the Soviet predecessor in terms of accuracy, range rockets and other characteristics. This will allow bzhrk Barguzin, at least until 2040, to be in the battle of the strategic missile forces. It is reported that in this way, the strategic missile forces back to techvideo group that contains the systems silo, mobile and rail-based.