Russian constant

Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote that the inheritance of this poor, rough Russian country great… the Russians will bring new elements in European civilization which forever radically it will change and save humanity.

Yeah, I can’t wait, when Russian will bring new elements in European civilization and radically it will change. The money they have: the art of disinformation from Russian intelligence services traditionally, no one can compete. The more I wait, when Russians come and save me from the disasters, which now rained on us from all sides… well, enough of the ridicule, though sometimes it’s hard to stop. Refer to the recent American elections.

I wasn’t desperate adherent of any of the candidates and, rather, rooting for Mr. trump, and I’m glad the election is over what is over. However, let me make some comments. I am not happy with flirting with winner ruler of the Kremlin. Even if some of the events in August 1968 was not the experience of at least one century confirms: he with the Russian bear has never made anyone good, because its policy starts with himself and ends, and the interest he has only one — himself, as he wrote Karel Havlicek-Borovsky in the mid-19th century. So I would hope that Mr. trump time to give back and not follow in the footsteps of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who in his time also was full of confidence in the then Kremlin leader and allowed him to swallow half of Europe, including Czechoslovakia. Not that the Czechoslovak people he had helped, but that’s another story.

Undoubtedly, the idea of partnership with Russia is a dangerous illusion, and no matter who sits on the Kremlin throne — the priest-king or Vladimir Putin. Constant feature of the Russian state, in any form, remains a tendency to expansion. Russia has always expanded where sees before him easy prey (although in the case of Finland in 1939 — 1940 Russian bear singed has his nose), or over-reliance on Russia itself is doing its job.

This, in fact, would not be anything supernatural, because other European countries also widened to a recent by the standards of history time wherever it was not possible, and someone will say that if these countries left an expansionist ambitions, and Russia with some delay (and it has long been lagging behind the development) will depart from them. But then there is a fundamental difference. The expansionist tendencies of large and small European States have always been inherent in the highest political and military circles, and ordinary citizens territorial acquisition, though pleased at heart, nevertheless, in the first place, people had other concerns. Russian same subject with enthusiasm identificeret themselves with the aggressive policy of their leaders, despite the fact that it rarely brought him more than poverty and oppression on the brink of slavery, and sometimes for her. But let us turn to the evidence of the most knowledgeable.

This is the third time I read the book, Solzhenitsyn’s “the GULAG Archipelago”. It is a shocking testimony. He’s the only reason the West has discarded all innocence and fashion stuff, and he’s the only reason the Western left intellectuals have become ashamed to openly defend the Soviet tyranny. And yet something in the image of all these atrocities and ideological rage is not something. As if to say, you are strange people, Russian. Because You, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, was a staunch Communist, and no doubt took the idea of the superiority of the Soviet system until You are reassured arrest and send over the barbed wire of the Gulag. But the more time You need to think about root causes and connections. Not with full approval, but with a certain degree of understanding You write about the Russian emigrants, delighted to rushing into battle with the fascist enemy (and was, anyhow, in the Siberian camps). You write about the same prisoners of the Gulag voluntarily entering into penalty units, which were sent on the most dangerous sections of the front to almost certain death… I don’t understand. We are emigrants from Communist Czechoslovakia retained nostalgic memories of their former homeland, but with its political leadership, we never identified, and sent him to hell and laughed at the Communist faith. And certainly we don’t have thought to go on the warpath for her if he had the chance… Probably, if the age allowed, we would be ready to fight on the side of the West.

I’ve got my own, though not such a terrible experience. Shortly after his escape to the West I visited German language courses together with representatives from several Eastern European Nations. We, Czechs, like the Slovaks, poles and Romanians were thankful that it gave us a chance to escape from the Communist yoke, and Russian (they went to the courses alleged because of the German origin — genuine or fake) and only cursed fate. They asked them to produce, and it took 10-15 years before the authorities gave them the right piece of paper. Porridge and vodka in Germany was rife, while rust corroded the car was sold for a couple of marks, but these people are zealously defended the Soviet Union, when someone is critical of us spoke about it. And on the anniversary of the great October revolution (so they say, but I, fortunately, have not seen) they went through the corridors with red flags and sang heroic songs, overflowing with pride for our Soviet Motherland due to its strength and size. Part of their excuse was something about the world behind the barbed wire they had no representation. Otherwise, they probably would have realized how much richer and freer life in tiny Luxembourg, than for the Soviet homeland in all its dimensions. But it was only partly excuse them. The reason was and still deeper.

So these Russians. Them to the brim overflows… well, if only patriotism. But it is still attached to the Messianic sense of herself as a chosen people who are destined to illumine the rest of the world with his spirit and save humanity, as can be understood from the words at the beginning of this article. Dostoevsky was not alone in his opinion. About the pure soul of the Russian peasant, which must become for humanity a role model, preaching and Tolstoy, and several other classics of Russian literature, including Solzhenitsyn himself. At the end of his life he also saw the historical mission of Russia to return to the simple village life under the blessing hand of the Orthodox Church… Where did this, to put it mildly, obsessed with this? Of course, the theory of the so-called Third Rome (after the death of the Roman and Byzantine empires by the light of the world, left Moscow) argues in the sense of historical prominence, but that’s not all.

Perhaps the explanation is simpler than you think. If you make people (anyone) in isolation, cut off from information from the outside world, not to allow any views except those which have been officially approved, if all this happens, then it’s done. There will be only even to whisper this people in your ear about its exclusiveness, superiority over all around, a special mission to show the world on the right path, come what may. In this willingly believe not just simpletons, but men are educated and intelligent. They are willing to accept destitution and dependency in exchange for the feeling of being a Messiah, which is entrusted to fix this, badly tailored world when need be — even at the cost of war and self-destruction. There is nothing extraordinary, and such cases the world has seen already a lot and, apparently, see. Russian exceptional the fact that isolation in the vast expanses of their country prevents them from taking the pulse of the outside world more successfully than potential Messiahs in other States, where the distance from border to border reaches not thousands but hundreds or sometimes tens of kilometers.

In this situation, little has changed even the collapse of the Soviet Union. Perhaps, modern Russia is a democratic country, if to consider it as such, enough that the country has a Parliament and sometimes elections are held. Another question is no longer whether Russia ever finally to consider the country and the people in your immediate environment for granted to the Lord God, the material from which it is possible to build a tower of Russian glory and power. Yet nothing about it says. Rather, as seen from the example of Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, a stubborn aggressiveness is what we could call Russian a constant. And if I was Mr. trump, I would be very careful in establishing partnership relations with Russia. By the way, you should be careful not only to him: in the Czech Republic many masters who have already put feet to Slavonic dances, despite many years of acquaintance with the Russian bear.