The expert explained why Ukraine should resist Russian aggression

No one will help us, if we do not resist, says Illarionov

Ukraine must resist Russian aggression in Crimea and Donbas
without waiting for assistance from as little Finland in 1939, the year was against the huge Soviet Union.

About this senior fellow at the Cato Institute in Washington, former adviser to the President of the Russian Federation (2003-2005) for economy Andrey Illarionov said in an interview with “Today”

“If Ukraine would not resist, I will not help anyone. In this cynical world, not help someone who does not resist myself. This is not a guarantee that they will help, it’s a chance. If the victim does not resist, will not help anybody. Moreover, many will be discouraged, they say, do not resist, because the lack of resistance frees other countries from direct or indirect assistance. Therefore, many are interested in that Ukraine did not resist. But not Ukraine itself,” – said the expert.

He recalled that in 1939, when the Soviet Union attacked Finland, the Finns did not support one, they resisted alone.

“And if we compare the ratio of military, economic, demographic potentials of Finland and the USSR in 1939 with the current ratio of capacities of Ukraine and Russia, the comparison is in favor of Ukraine. Possibilities for resistance in Ukraine today is much more. Ukraine has real allies. The situation in Ukraine today is incomparably better than Finland in 1939. Remains the case for small, but most important – the desire and willingness to resist aggression,” – said Illarionov.

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Andrei Illarionov