In Russia the waiter returned 4 million roubles, forgotten in a restaurant

In the restaurant of the city of Barnaul, the waiter returned the bag left by the vacationing company, which was 4 million rubles. This was reported by the owner of the establishment Alex Pavlenko, reports TASS.

According to him, the money was the proceeds of the sale of the car, and pointed the company in the restaurant.

“The rest of the company, as it turned out – noted the sale of the car. Our employee, he is the bartender there and came out that day to replace the waiter found this bag full of money. We have loyalty cards – the customer has the time to make and according to her we found it. Arrived in 15 minutes, counted the money – there was about 4 million rubles pyatitysyachnyj bills,” – said Pavlenko.

He also noted that the owner of the money did not at first realized that they forgot the restaurant until he called and reported the loss. According to him, the man was happy the call, and a restaurant employee received from him a generous tip of about 15-20 thousand rubles.

Pavlenko noted that the guests often forget their stuff, but they always return to their owners.

“We have honest employees. In addition, the hang and the video camera – everything that happens in the hall can be tracked. Working less than a month – not to spoil the reputation, even the question was not to return or not,” said the restaurant owner.