Mysteries of the Gothic Church of Kiev: the place of prayer of the Pope, where the fabulous sounds on

We continue to acquaint readers with the buildings of Kiev, the entrance to which is restricted. The Church of St. Nicholas from 1992 is in turn used for concerts of the National house of organ and chamber music of Ukraine and worship the priests of the Roman Catholic Church. The tour start with the doors of the temple, they have not changed in 118 years. Inside is a spacious lounge. On the left and right side — stairs leading to the basement of the Church. “It was originally intended for the burial of bishops. In 1979, when the building was converted into a House of organ music, here made closet. In the basement we have arranged a place for holding service when the main hall is a concert”, — says the rector of the Church father Andrew Cancer, showing us the dungeon. At the entrance to the Central hall he, according to Catholic tradition, kneels. Room has a capacity of 658 places.

“The temple doesn’t look like it was originally. The chancel was without a body. The body was Austrian and was on the second floor balcony. It was dismantled, and the current was installed later. Above the altar is the inscription in Polish language: “Under your protection take refuge, Holy mother of God”. She miraculously survived,” continues the priest.


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On the balcony, which was formerly an Austrian body — sculpture of an angel with a pipe, it accidentally found during the repair. Also survived two booths for confession the parishioners. But the most popular place in the Church — the icon, which prayed the Pope. This moment represented in the picture, which is stored in the office of the priests. Chandeliers in the Church today. Previously, for the lighting they used 6 pieces — bronze and crystal 10 lights. There were a lot of sculptures, paintings, candlesticks. Alas, all is lost.

The crucifixion. Jesus Christ
The bas-relief. Martyrdom: a believer gives his life for the faith
The Virgin Mary. With the baby
The bas-relief. The Bishop produces his sacred rite of baptism
At the entrance to the Church two bishops. Saints, Stanislaw and Wojciech
At the entrance to the Church two bishops. Saints, Stanislaw and Wojciech
At the height of. The Archangel Michael
The rigor and beauty. The main hall of the Church amazes with its incredible interior decoration and acoustics
Underground temple. During concerts service hold here
The stained glass Windows. Incredible beauty
The stained glass Windows. Incredible beauty
Rarity. The booth of confession
The main altar. Now here on
Icon. Prayed the Pope
Gothic. One of the limits of the temple
Sadness. Gentle angel
Vaults. Through the stained glass Windows even in cloudy weather the light gets in
On the balcony. Angel with a trumpet

Gregory Szalay

Output please note that the tops of the spires of the Church — without molding in the form of crosses. “They were removed during the restoration. The building is in poor condition from his fall off the chunks of concrete. Under the temple is underground, and the vibration from the trains has a negative impact on construction. We have 26 years of asking the government to transfer the building to us more carefully to look after him. However, we do not mind that there were concerts,” says father Andrew Cancer. In the House of organ and chamber music of Ukraine said that since 2013 the government has allocated to saving the Church more than 19,5 million UAH, and the House itself is more than UAH 2 million for its maintenance. They will have to coexist, while in Kiev will not be built any concert hall.