“It seems, begins the era of chaos”: the Chinese microblogger about the inauguration of the trump

千雪寻影 (Sansue Sungin): came To power the Lord of Twitter, so will publish one post to remember! The old man always openly expressed dissatisfaction against China, but the wave hotel (Chinese equivalent of Twitter — approx. ed.) to my surprise, he still gained a lot of fans. Is it because of the irresistible beauty of his daughter? However, whatever policy it was, I hope for peace in the world.

爱与黑暗之魂 (Love and black heart): Despite protests from Beijing, the Taiwanese delegation has attended the inauguration of the trump. When the trump of the us-Taiwan relations may become closer.

评论员杨禹 (Commentator Yang YU) (special account browser CCTV and researcher, center for development of cities and towns at the National Committee for the reform and development of China): Impressions after watching the inauguration of trump: 1) while the leader of America in his speech focuses on “how to be the Americas?”, Chinese leaders attach primary importance to “how to be the world” — on the face of different priorities 2) In the Chinese media rather sluggishly discussed the inauguration of trump, only Zhou Either, went there, seized all the first headers (popular Chinese comedian Zhou Or were arrested on Friday in new York for illegal possession of weapons and drugs — approx. ed.). 3) trump raised high the flag of patriotism. In our social networks, such as the wave hotel and wasign, the reference to patriotism is always despicable. I think we should change the attitude 4) it Seems that during the inauguration of trump’s Capitol square was completely filled with people, but if you look from a different angle, it will be seen that the people were not close. 8 years ago when Obama had more people. 5), XI Jinping often talked about “the great struggle, which is a new historical feature”. Indeed, from this point opens a new Chapter of the book.

夏中德 (Xia Junda): From the beginning to the end looked up it trump at the inauguration. He directly criticizes the policy of his predecessors, speaks very directly and specifically, is very similar to an interview with MA Yun (Jack MA, founder and owner of the company “Alibaba Group” or “Aliexpress” — approx. ed.) in Davos. Well trump is doing its job, skillful with money, do not pay attention to others and not allow the elite to trick you. Looking forward, if he can implement his plan.

程雨濛濛 (Canuy Manman): slept late the night before, wanted to witness the big day, when trump officially took the post of President.

人体骨架 (Skeleton body): Watched the end of the inauguration of the trump. In my opinion, his speech foreshadows the biggest revolution in US foreign policy since the end of world war II. It seems, the era of chaos.

叶落秋池 (Ate cuci): to Criticize the work of predecessors at the inauguration is completely wrong. Whether it be anger during the election campaign or his valid point of view, this behavior shows that Trump lacked the minimum political wisdom and practical experience. Perhaps he’s a talented businessman, but in the political career of such a temper will make him a braggart and brawler.

低价帅哥批发 (Wholesale handsome at competitive prices): I have often heard Americans, adjusting others, said: “the United States is not a Christian country”. Yesterday saw the inauguration of the trump and was convinced of the opposite. The President takes an oath on the Bible Abraham Lincoln, the choir sings the national anthem before a speech trump’s three spiritual leaders read passages from the Bible, and in his speech, trump said: “Our army can protect us, the police can protect us, but the thing that keeps us God.” After this he went out again two spiritual leader. In this case, if America is not a Christian country, Saudi Arabia is not an Islamic state!

John Janson: Even the farewell speech of Obama’s has been deleted! Pathetic people, what are you, in the end, I’m afraid? And when the President is afraid, and when removed from the authority, too afraid? Stubborn, be not afraid! He is no longer President of the United States, it does not matter what he says. Not worth it to work and cut (we are talking about censorship on the Internet — approx. ed.).