Media: Britain unsuccessfully tested a nuclear missile

UK Ministry of defense hid the fact that the failed launch of solid-fuel ballistic missiles Trident in June 2016. This writes the Sunday Times, sylayas a source in the naval service of the Kingdom.

Missile Trident II D5, the capacity of which is enough to destroy millions of people, was released from the submarine Vengeance off the coast of Florida, but strayed off course and flew towards US. During the test, the missile was not carrying nuclear warheads, said the interlocutor of the edition.

“After the first four years of trials ended in disaster, the panic was at the highest level. In the end, Downing street has decided to hide the fact of failure. They knew what damage it would cause to the credibility of our nuclear deterrence if information came to light,” said the source.

The launch happened ahead of the vote in the House of representatives of the British Parliament about the fate of Trident and UK Ministry of defense said that the latest launch was successful.

According to the Sunday Times to report the incident to the House of representatives will be called British defense Secretary Michael Fallon.

In July 2016, the British parliamentarians supported the modernization program of the Trident, which costs about 38 billion dollars.

Earlier it was reported that the British destroyers of the project Type 45 break in the Persian Gulf because of the hot climate.