How to use a hair dryer without damaging the hair

Often we do not have enough time to allow the hair time to dry naturally, and we resort to using a Hairdryer. However, using termopribor, we subject our hair to a significant overheating, and they, in turn, are so dry and brittle, says “Home”.


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Is it possible to dry hair without harm to hair? Our answer is Yes, if you follow a few important rules:

  • Before the procedure apply to hair with a special thermal protective product (spray or gel), and then comb through hair, dividing into multiple strands;
  • during the drying mode set up the cold air supply and direct its flow along the line of growth of hair from roots to ends, using a special nozzle hub;
  • hold the dryer at a distance of 8-10 cm from the head and make them uniform motion across the surface;
  • dry each strand separately, alternately lifting them at the roots with a round brush with natural or plastic bristles;
  • to avoid drying out the hair, leave the ends slightly nedosushennye.