Jumblatt: “Russia is afraid of the division of Syria”

The leader of the bloc “Democratic meeting” and “Progressive socialist party” of Lebanon Walid Jumblatt said that the most important is the unity of views of Russia and the United States on the Syrian crisis as the two leading players in the region, followed by regional powers, interests and agenda are different, namely Iran and Turkey. However, according to Jumblatt, no one knows exactly what the United States position on Syria. “I don’t know if there is still the Geneva agreement or not,” — said the politician.

According to the newspaper “al-Hayat”, Jumblatt commented on the statement of the leader of “Hezbollah” Hassan Nasrallah that his organization would recruit fighters from abroad in Lebanon and Syria to confront any aggression from Israel: “With all due respect to the words of Nasrallah, I want to say that Lebanon paid a huge price for something that linked his fate with Syria and with the Palestinians in the past. We have to return to a defensive strategy, and when the conditions become favorable, we resort to the weapons of Hizbollah”.

According to Lebanese politics, it is unacceptable that under the pretext of fighting terrorism all Syrian refugees were mistaken for terrorists.

With regard to the situation in the middle East and the future of Syria, Jumblatt said that the intervention of both Iran and Russia contributed to the strengthening of the Syrian regime, but Iran’s agenda is different from Russian.

In addition, in his opinion, a serious mistake is that through Turkey to Syria arrived, thousands of jihadists from Western and Arab countries.

As noted by Walid Jumblatt during his visit to Moscow, he felt that Russia is afraid that Syria will be divided, however, in relation to Lebanon is no such fear. As Lavrov said, security in Lebanon is an important task, and, according to jumblat, “the Lebanese should work to strengthen their country.”

He also criticized the statements of the French President Emmanuel Macron said he would not advise the President of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani to hurry up with calls for a referendum on independence. At the same time, according to him, it is impossible to prevent the arabization of the Kurds, which was an historic mistake a decade ago in Iraq and Syria.