Rekonstruiruet Russian assault on the Reichstag

Hard and slowly climbs up the tank on the hill in front of him, a bomb explodes a few meters in the air takes off the shell. Through the speaker came the music of triumph — “Flight of the Valkyries” by Richard Wagner. “Forward to the Reichstag,” growls the man in uniform in the loudspeaker.

Sunday afternoon, accompanied by hail and snow storm begins the assault of Berlin, at 12:30 p.m. local time. But not in Germany and in the Park “Patriot”, near Moscow Kubinka, an hour’s drive from the capital.

The audience sitting directly in front of the front line, within 100 metres there is a building mini — Reichstag. At the end of the show on the roof visible from afar waving the red flag.

The symbolism of this scene is familiar to every Russian, the world — famous photograph of red army Yevgeny khaldei shows Soviet soldiers who after the battle for the Reichstag in may 1945 hoisted on the ruined building his own banner.

The storming of the Reichstag, and later became a key moment in the history of the Soviet Union and Russian patriotism.

The protest of the German government was not heard

In February the Ministry of defence with its announcement of the planned reconstruction of the Reichstag in the mini-version has caused concern. Here, young people will have to learn how to storm the building and to survive the war, said the Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Statement Shoigu has caused confusion in the Federal government of Germany. A government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer called the idea of “unexpected”. Observers interpreted the initiative immediately before the celebration of defender of the Fatherland Day, as some kind of provocation against the West. In addition, the Russian government likely plans to inculcate youth patriotism.

The representative of the Russian defence Ministry Igor Konashenkov said on this: “Attack some German politicians were not only a surprise, but the question is, what is their position in relation to the builders of the Third Reich from 1933 to 1945”.

However, he defended the project as an important symbol of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany. The model is completely destroyed after a fierce battle of the Reichstag should be an integral part of the military-historical landscape Park. “Hoisting the red flag on the building of the national socialist Reichstag in may, 1945 soldiers of the red Army is one of the most important symbols of the victory over German national socialism.”

Will there be reconstruction of the storm mini-Reichstag on a regular basis, so far unknown. It was built only for military shows, said the press Secretary Sergei Shoigu.

“So young people learn to appreciate the Motherland”

In Russia the idea of a mini-Reichstag had many supporters. Nicholas, dressed in the uniform of a General, considers this event important from the point of view of education. “So young people will learn again to appreciate our country. They will know the sacrifices their grandfathers”. Criticism from Berlin he considers absurd. “We are here in Russia can do what we want. This is our territory”, — says the man.

According to the Ministry, the performance was viewed by 10 thousand people, among them small children, schoolchildren and students. When more than 1,000 extras and entertainers in the form of red army soldiers set fire to a military backstage, on the podium there and Shoigu.

The Patriot Park is organized and funded by the Ministry of defence. It was opened in 2015, its construction took about 300 million euros. Here fans of military dramatizations can recreate battles at various venues.

Support for the historical part and the equipment provided private University “synergy”. “We want to show how terrible war”, — said the representative of Dmitri Chubarov. “Here, as in the real battle, loud and terrible.”

Sounds of volleys of guns are heard from the speakers over one and a half hours. Low-flying planes portray the advance of the red army. Stuntmen on fire under rock music running on the field. From time to time fall to the ground extras, but blood or carnage is not visible.

“Feel the power of the country, it’s amazing,” says dvenadtsatiletny boy. He watches the show with his father. “Studying here is much more than textbooks,” he says. It’s so realistic.

“This is our homeland, our history. All must understand this and succeeding generations”, — says Svetlana. She’s taking a selfie with a young man on the background of the tank.

The audience leave their initials on the screen, as at that time, did the Soviet soldiers on the walls of the Reichstag. Two little girls take crayons and begin to draw clouds, circles and heart. So, as kids do.