Trump arrived at the White house as President of USA

The US President Donald trump, came earlier on Friday in its powers, came to the main residence of the American leaders, the White house in downtown Washington.

The white house was the end point a small distance, but rather long travel of the 45th President of the Congress building on Capitol hill, where trump took the oath, signed the first few orders, and also took part in a solemn ceremony.

The President’s motorcade led the traditional parade dedicated to his inauguration. Along the way trump with his wife Melania several times coming out of the armored limousine to greet the crowds of people who came to the ceremony.

On Friday morning at trump as President-elect met at the White house with then President Barack Obama for the tea, which was also attended by their wives and some other guests. Thus, by following the American political tradition trump twice been able to visit the same residence in two different statuses in one day.