At the forum in Davos is in total terror – Chubais

At the world economic forum in Davos, the atmosphere of fear in the concerns of actors in the global political disaster and the collapse of world order that existed since the end of world war II. This was stated by the head of the Russian company “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais, reports BFM.

“This horror is what I feel right now in Davos, the absolute majority of the participants, I, in all my years of participation in the Davos recall only once. It was Davos in 2009, when the unfolding global financial crisis is on everyone’s lips was the question: what is it, a crisis or a crisis of the system as a whole? “he said.

The destruction of the old world order, according to Chubais, well demonstrated in the speech of the President of China XI Jinping, which became the “ode to a market economy”.

“It happened two days ago, and almost at the same time, trump (President-elect of the United States — Ed.) in his interview, States that America is hurt, that he will raise import duties, and that if the German or other car makers built plants in Mexico, they will have to pay the giant import duties, which he will introduce in America. The world turned upside down,” said Chubais.

Recall that in Davos, the international experts identified three categories of global risks facing the world have to face this year. According to experts, in three of the biggest threats included natural disasters, geopolitical upheaval, and technological risks. “Today” figured out which of the world’s dangers can threaten Ukraine.