Trump, Russia and Flynn: a former Advisor to have a story to tell

Donald from Russia with love is a story that never ceases to amaze.

The latest shocking revelation was that the dismissed head of the national security Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn) asked for immunity from prosecution in exchange for full disclosure of the relationship of the tramp with Moscow. The Democrats in the congressional Committee is already beside himself with excitement. After all, Flynn said about a similar deal with the assistants to Hillary Clinton a year ago: “If you give immunity, it is likely that you have committed a crime.”

Flynn only a few days have held the post of chief adviser to trump security before his resignation, which occurred due to a seemingly not too significant violations. He gave incorrect information to the new Vice-President on the meeting with rossiyaninom during the election campaign. In today’s Washington or London it’s hard not to meet a Russian, although the fact that, obviously, did Flynn vulnerable to “blackmail”.

The sheer huge scale of electronic surveillance suggests that such phenomena as secrecy, no longer exists, and even more so for those close to power. Someone somewhere sure is listening. That is why such an ancient phenomenon as a fraud, have completely lost meaning. A lie will not be able indefinitely to spread through social networks and media when it overtakes though. The intervention of foreign powers, even the enemy, into someone’s election is hardly a surprise — and especially in the hometown of the CIA. News is how quickly we all found out about it.

It is quite clear — or will soon become clear — that between the trump organization and Moscow was a close connection. This is not surprising in the world of questionable financial Affairs. However, we do not know whether these agreements are exclusively gray Finance or disseminated to the policy that was supposed to be a tramp came to power.

Putin’s Russia is considered the main enemy of America as it is idiotic. When a huge military Empire was built for the sole purpose of “containment” of a certain enemy, all but total commitment will be devastating. Asking what this can tell Flynn that “to expose”.


The irony is that the restoration of relations between the West and Putin’s Russia was one of the few fresh promises trump during his campaign. He refused to declare the abuse of power. He showed obvious skepticism regarding Western sanctions, which have only strengthened Moscow’s kleptocracy has pushed Putin’s potential opponents to emigration. There was even hope that the recent insane resumption of the arms race between East and West will be turned back. Sanity beckoned.

But on the horizon, trump there is no sanity, only one of restless chaos. Flynn definitely have a story to tell on issues of significant importance to the global role of America. It certainly is exciting information, but it is unlikely after it was announced, our world will become safer.