Kissinger supports trump in Russia

Henry Kissinger does not bother men’s Donald trump and Vladimir Putin. Moreover, he said, he hoped that the two leaders will be able to make contact.

Friday, January 20, speaking at the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland, just before the inauguration of trump, Kissinger said that he agreed with the “common position” trump against Russia. Former us Secretary of state stressed that the us should minimize confrontation with Russia and that this should be one of the key priorities for the trump.

“I hope that steps will be made toward a serious dialogue, which will allow you to avoid sliding into a confrontation and in which Europe, America and Russia will come to some sort of agreement regarding the boundaries of the use of military force,” said Kissinger.

Kissinger also made a criticism sent in the resignation of President Obama, saying that he left those regions from which he should not have to leave.

Kissinger also pointed to the fact that Russian President Putin “provides balance in the world.”

Earlier in January the government released a report stating that Putin has tried to directly influence elections. The report says that in the campaign, Russia has conducted a hacker attack, a published compromising information, spreading false news and used the Internet trolls. From the point of view of the us intelligence community, these steps were designed to help Trump to win the election.