In Senegal, took place the inauguration of the elected President of the Gambia

Won the presidential election in the Gambia Adam barrow was sworn in despite the fact that his predecessor Yahya Jammeh refused to leave his post and considers himself the legitimate President.

The inauguration was not in the Gambia and the neighbouring Senegal’s capital Dakar, writes Bi-Bi-si.

In his speech, barrow said that insists on the legality of his election as President. He called on the Economic community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the UN to support the choice made by the citizens of his country.

In addition, barrow called on Gambian soldiers not to leave the barracks in case of invasion of the country by the Senegalese military, ready to force Jammeh to leave the post.

All Gambian military who will defend Jammeh, the new President promised to recognize the rebels.

Jammeh, who heads the Gambia since 1994, in December unexpectedly lost the next presidential elections. His candidacy was supported by about 36.7% of voters, while his competitor, barrow voted 45.5% of the electorate.

First, J. J. Jammeh accepted his defeat in the elections, but later contested the results of the December elections. The claim Jammeh, in which he States about the numerous violations during the voting, the court will consider in the spring. In this regard, the term Jammeh was extended for three months.

Barrow and ECOWAS refused to recognize the legitimacy of such a step, after that Senegal and Nigeria have started to tighten the border troops of the Gambia, and most countries began to evacuate tourists.

The regular armed forces of Senegal has about 20 thousand people, and the country’s military budget is about $ 300 million a year. The armed forces of the Gambia is estimated at 2.5 thousand people.