Pavlensky, or the Achilles ‘ heel of anti-Putin intellectuals

Scenarios of the next revelatory show on Russian television called “another Faded icon of politically unreliable creative class”, you can retell close to the text now. A new hero, almost like Galic, “was our father not the father”. Artist Peter Pavlensky suddenly fled from Russia due to the fact that the actress Театра.doc Anastasia Slonina said about trying to commit against her “violent actions of sexual nature” by Pavlensky and his girlfriend Oksana Shalygina, and the administration of the theater also reported that Pavlensky with an unidentified severely beat the actor Vasily Berezin.

Russian law enforcement authorities began pre-investigation check. Pavlensky and Shalygina talking about provocations of the security services, the theatre’s administration released a video of the beating Berezina. Sensational and very painful for many a scandal.

“Here’s a she — opposition”

The Kremlin-controlled media do love stories with the moral “they expose our flaws, and ourselves…”. Four years ago Moscow restaurateur Alexei Kabanov killed and dismembered his wife and then declared her missing and together with volunteers-searchers engaged in its investigation. Boar was an active user of social networks. His active citizenship quickly became famous: he criticized the Russian government and went to rally at the Swamp. Of course, propaganda is not passed by this plot, openly linking crime Kabanova with his political views.

Last year something similar (thank God, without bloodshed and murders) happened with the Moscow school number 57. One of her teachers for many years seduced girls from high school. When his story sounded in social networks, he left Russia and became an absentee defendant in a criminal case. One of the most prestigious schools in the center of the Russian capital was considered the forge of the Moscow liberal intelligentsia, and, of course, the Pro-Kremlin tabloid articles and television stories, the leitmotif was the same — here we have the opposition, continuous pedophiles.

But in the case with cabanova, and in the history of the 57-th school were strains — from the private still can not be shared. With Turkey, everything is different. He is a General, not a random member of the opposition, as Boars, and in itself an important figure. One of the most famous Russian artists-actionists in recent years, the language of radical performance, and proved the power of its inhumanity and cynicism. “Look at him — say to us on the TV. Is a rapist and a bully — that he is the spiritual leader of the opposition.” Viewers will see and rejoice in the fact that Putin holds power firmly and on a gun shot do not admit to the Kremlin such as Turkey.

Mass dissidence

Confusion Pavlensky sympathetic commentators impressive. In the reviews about what happened you can read about what a true artist should be “sumashedshiy”, and that we must also understand: maybe the actors Театра.doc lie. Such confusion is understandable. Here is really talking about system vulnerabilities that part of society that opposes the Kremlin is primarily ethical positions — those “stylistic differences” with the government, which once wrote Andrei Sinyavsky.

Devoid of political representation, the liberal intelligentsia is intuitively picked up by the logic of confrontation of Soviet dissidents from the KGB and the Communist party, but the dissent could not be mass, and its reproduction of Putin’s critics from “Facebook” inevitably leads to the devaluation of all alternative systems of values. It is significant that recently, when the official media blamed the journalist Bozhenov Rynska for a lack of a respectful statements about the dead in the crash of Tu-154 near Sochi NTV journalists, Rynska called himself a dissident, and her colleague, Sergei Parkhomenko demanded that she not used such a big word in relation to themselves.

From misfits to radicals

Right-in this situation both the Public and Parkhomenko. The government (state media, Pro-Kremlin activists) poisons to Fight with the same methods, which the Soviet government persecuted dissidents, but still moral terror are not comparable to the risks with the Soviet Perm camps or punitive psychiatry, but if the risk is less, and the words should be less loud.

And this contradiction, perhaps, is hidden the root of the problem. Anti-Putin “creative class” lives in a fantasy world when life prosperous and often even running on the power of people connected with self-awareness, at least, of Andrei Sakharov. But this fantasy world created by the authorities. She built a political system so that people of left-liberal views and radical artists locked into one close to a reservation, which law of the Parliament or the court in people no, but there is a right to kill your own flesh to the pavement, or become marginalized by other, less extravagant ways.

It is very convenient from the political strategy point of view, but catastrophically risky in the long term. Forcing all his opponents moral responsibility for the radical and even criminal manifestations in their midst, the authorities will ever achieve their real, not imaginary radicalization.