It is unfair that Ukrainians live less and get sick more than the neighbours in the EU.

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman harshly criticized the health care system of Ukraine, which, according to him, traditionally has always been very corrupt. The head of government said at the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

“If someone believes that traditionally the Ministry of health had engaged in the policy-making regarding the health system, he is mistaken. Because today there is clear evidence that today since the beginning of our independence the health care system no one did. Otherwise we would have a quality health system, quality system of prevention and would live 5-7 years longer than today. I think that is the biggest injustice that the Ukrainians live on less, suffer more than our neighbours in the EU,” he said.

The Prime Minister noted that the right does not corrupt the policy will give the opportunity to bring the health care system in a state of coma in which it is located.

“I want to achieve in Ukraine were fair prices for medicines – and this is a task for the Ministry of health. I want to ensure that from 1 April 2017 chronic patients in need of constant medical support, received these drugs for free. We are the means laid – and this mechanism will be launched,” he said.

The head of government emphasized that in Ukraine it is necessary to create cardio centers, and it has already laid 150 million UAH in the budget.

“To those who have problems with the blood vessels and heart could in every corner of our country to get professional help. We need to finish building the Hospital and run in the summer of the first set – and this is also feasible. We must ensure the payment of increased salaries to doctors. And we provided in our proposals for increasing the salaries of health workers by 30%. We need to spend this year even more successful procurement through international organizations,” – said Groisman.

As reported, this year the Ministry intends to introduce insurance, electronic medical records and free medicines.