The secondary housing is cheaper: the experts said that will be in the winter

The secondary housing market today can be called busy. The reason is a gradual decline in prices, so many have waited for an acceptable offer. Specialists in the sale of real estate by analyzing the behavior of consumer demand and sentiment, saying that the Ukrainians today are not afraid that suddenly there will be a price collapse and they will lose with the purchase. Those who buy an apartment to live in, reassure ourselves that will live on their own feet. And those who buy housing for business, I believe that to compensate for the potential losses will help the rapid delivery of housing for rent, since many apartments are sold the “come and live” or require a minimal investment of effort and money.

Of transactions was twice

The average cost of “the secondary” reduced the whole territory of Ukraine almost evenly, with deeper subsidence in small towns. Could not resist and capital: according to the monthly report of the information-analytical portal “Capital estate”, in August 2017 average price sq. m in Kiev has decreased by 1.5% compared to July and amounted to 32,128 thousand UAH/sq. m. And from August 2016 apartments on the secondary market in Kyiv fell by an average of 7.9%.

HUNTERS GOOD LUCK. The lower prices noted growing demand, which was not in the past.

“If in January of 2016 in Kiev, there were 194 transactions of purchase and sale, and in August 2016 — 488, in January, which is usually “dead,” 236 transactions, and in August 2017 — 703. Buying became more active: on the real estate market remains pent-up demand since the crisis. Now, the Ukrainians can catch the option to afford,” explains the chief analyst of consulting company SV Development Sergey Kostecki.

In this scenario, began to decrease the number represented by the sale of apartments (in August 2017, compared to July, by 2% to 19 629 objects). The explanation is simple: some owners have removed from sale its “estate”, deciding to wait for a better sale time.

“Make-up” of the goods and fear of payment

Now housing for sale try to give a presentation: “the apartment under repair” sold very poorly or very cheap.

“Almost every object that I showed, made fresh repair. The owners themselves told me that it is easier to make new floors, Wallpaper and furniture to leave rather than lose the buyer. He will go to those who have the apartment for the same price, but not as “dead” and “stuffed”. However, repairing this usually Eyewash, and soon a new owner will understand that we need capital to remodel,” says realtor capital real estate Agency Nikolay Bogdanov.

STRUCTURE. In an note that in the sentence structure of “secondary” is dominated by three bedroom apartments. This fact is confirmed by the analysis: they considered that the market for “odnushki” is 28%, “kopeck piece” — 32%, “treshki” — 33%, and four-room apartments — only 7%. “Just for two-bedroom apartments now the lowest prices and the sluggish demand. The owners go to great lengths: traded to the last, ready to sell of the flat and even over payment, taking a receipt from the buyer. The reason for this flexibility — poor consumers and the high cost of maintaining such “chorus”.

“During the heating season I have to pay for heating more than 3 thousand UAH, and no pension and 2 thousand are Living with their son, who works on projects, and his income cannot be considered permanent. So large a house we don’t need, and I agree to consider all conditions: and a ransom of a room and hire purchase”, — says the pensioner Inna Grigorchuk, who is selling his apartment in Obolon (Kyiv).

Repair. The old apartment is trying to “odmaraliste”. Photo: A. Yaremchuk

Center and the premium segment was left without a buyer

Brokers and consultants argue that buyers are still attentive to the location of the apartment, but most are willing to consider not really to the taste, and the original query but cheaper.

“In regional centers, by and large, the distinction between the centre and the sleeping area is erased: the transport is late, supermarkets are open longer. Therefore, buyers are willing to consider the proposal away from the center, even if they originally counted on him. In small towns even a small difference in cost affects the choice that the situation in the province has changed, must pass more than a dozen years,” say the members of the Association of real estate professionals (realtors) of Ukraine.

If housing in a residential area, but is much cheaper — it is necessary to take

THE RIGHT OF THE STEERING WHEEL. Capital brokers say that the right Bank according to the proposals of housing richer (except the center) than the left. In districts the situation is the following: in December the proportion of all proposals is 16%, goloseyevsky — 14%, caves — 13%, Shevchenko — 11%, Dnieper and Solomenskiy — 10%, in svyatoshynskyi — 8%. The smallest share presented for sale apartments — in Obolonsky area — 7%, Desna — 6% and Podolsk — 5%.

It should also be noted that the premium segment is getting cheaper more active than others: because of declining consumer demand to attract a buyer can only be a tempting price.

From-for falling of demand for this segment of real estate offers the sale becomes less (for example, in the Podolsk district in comparison with July, the number of proposals decreased by 15%). Increasing the supply was observed only in the Pechersk district (0.5%), where there is active development.

“Some landlords, particularly with a good location, I decided to wait and not sell their meters for a pittance. Many have expressed doubt that not be able for the money to buy yourself something. Exception — “conscripts”: they fear that their property will drop in value even more, and I agree on negotiable reasonable limits”, — told in real estate agencies.

Mortgages: rates will be available soon

Credit housing Ukrainians remains out of reach. Theoretically, to have “his corner” many want, but pull loans can be one — despite the fact that the rates began to decline.

“Since the beginning of the year rates on mortgage loans decreased due to relative stabilization of economic situation, and quite predictable situation on the currency market. These factors allowed to reduce rates to attract deposits that have had a positive effect on rates on mortgages. At the moment you can get a loan for housing from 18.99% to 20 years”, — says Director of retail business at “Oschadbank” Valery Malakhov.

However, even the rate of 18% the majority of Ukrainians to pull not. Therefore, even if the mortgage will become even a bit more accessible, the demand for it is limited by low solvency of the population.


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Economists also quite pessimistic: active a home mortgage will purchase only if economic growth and real incomes.

“Since the beginning of this year acquired its first housing or improved their housing conditions through mortgage programs, about 700 families, more than 2.5 times the level of last year. But such volume of issuance of new mortgages are considered to be insignificant”, — says Valery Malakhov.

Other banks in which mortgage programs has not yet earned are recognized: talk about the resumption of housing loans go. Many financial institutions are in talks with developers and are working on joint programs is required to complete the projects, partly financed by investors, and not to freeze.

Not to pull. Credit housing Ukrainians are almost inaccessible. Photo: A. Boyko

New housing catches up

Experts predict that by the end of the year prices will continue to decline (despite the fact that the “bottom” many called the cost two years ago), and lose at least 5-10%. With the “secondary” already competing “primary”: on her side — the quantity and quality at reasonable prices, and a winning position in almost all respects. And, if before the secondary real estate market was worth almost a quarter more primary, now the difference is minimal.

“The most active will continue to become cheaper dormitory, Khrushchev and homes with large square footage. Least cheaper, and in some areas and generally will not move the price for a full 1-2 bedroom apartments with a good layout: on them the greatest demand today and will buy them for such prices at which they are offered for sale now,” — predicts the Director of the Institute for development real estate Alexander Rubanov.

In the National Council “Realtor chamber of Ukraine” are added: the regions of the country the housing market is also characterized by a reduction in the cost of “squares”, but if in the cities the number of transactions grows, in small towns, it is likely to be reduced because of poorer households.