How to organize your own master class or training

Today very popular are a variety of master classes, workshops, lectures, etc. and anyone who knows how to do anything right, can make money on it, having a single master class, and in some cases even “start” the study on an ongoing basis. The specialists Natalia batishcheva Badenova and Alexander, who themselves successfully organize such events and lead them, claim that for every teacher there are students. Professionals tell how to organize an event to get positive feedback and not to sit in the empty audience. The main thing for a new coach, according to them, is to ask yourself the question: what he is willing to come, and enough deeply he knows the material? If there is any doubt, or assume, no desire to disclose all of their secrets for any author’s method, development or know-how, not to produce competitors, the conduct of such training should be abandoned. Well, if no such fears, you can begin organizing the event.


Before you announce that you will have to arrange training/seminar/workshop on any topic, you need to make the so-called “lesson”. “You have to plan out what and how much time you tell you how long to perform the task, the audience, — says Alexander Batishchev. Preferably all the paint thesis, to have time to perform all planned. With different colors you need to select for themselves what can be omitted if not enough time, and that will tell you if the gain group will work quickly (suddenly some of the information came all already know or will quickly learn). Then there will be no unpleasant pause when people get paid for learning new things, and you “cat got your tongue” and can’t think of anything else to tell you.”

If you see that information overkill may appear reasonable to divide the study into stages. “Even if you sincerely want to give their students the best of knowledge, consider this: if you can do it for 1.5—2 hours from scratch to the deepest level, — says Alexander. — Hardly. Therefore Pogrebite topic. It also plays a role is the fact that adults are stronger to survive failures, and their lack of understanding of the topic they perceive it as a failure”.

Get ready for the lesson to avoid awkward silences and not knowing what to do.

The material EVIDENCE. Take care of the workpieces that will be needed in the process. Many masters for this need to focus and do what’s studies. “If it’s training, you’ll need markers, stand, writing pads and pens, if the master class of knitting — needles, thread, etc., — says Natalya Badenova. All without: “Oh, of staples we have no napkins to wipe his hands too,” — the organizer of the master class should provide the participants. Today people visit such events, relying on convenience, knowing that the little things are included in the price. If studies provided the use of expensive materials that you cannot provide, it must give notice to the participants. And you still need to have at least 1-2 of the stock, as there are those who forget they will either have to leave a master class, or to the defective class. If you work in the long term, it makes sense to purchase materials in bulk or online. If you are working with private companies, you can try to negotiate a partial barter: they are a concession to you, and you them advertising at your event, etc. do Not aspire to an audience of 50 people on the first lesson: you will be difficult, and those in attendance will feel that you do not.


To find students you can special leisure centre (but it is additional costs, and considerable), paid/free advertising in social networks, or even “cold advertising” — with the distribution of leaflets in places where there might be your audience (for example, near the kindergarten, if the master class is for moms of preschoolers or young children). “I first ran paid advertising in social networks, and it worked. But in the end I found another option — cooperation with the training center under the labor contract, — says Natalya. Here was solved at once the issue of commercial activities, and its legitimacy as “preocedures” to such a center, payment activities will be conducted through the cashier of the center. Otherwise, you will need to be registered as owner, to continue not to have problems with the IRS. The IRS are hardly interested in those who hold one master class per month, which is five people. But if you have plans for regular events, think about the design activities need.”

Select a convenient ways to gain an audience.


You also need to take care where you will spend a master class. “My first training was at my house that caused a lot of inconvenience to the family, — says Alexander Batishchev. — Come was also, as it turned out, uncomfortable. So I still recommend to find a place to rent (hourly), which will necessarily be in Prime location. This can be a neutral space in an office building, a creative space (where payment for the stay), a room in the training center (by arrangement) and even the audience in DC”. When you rent space, be careful if you need an advance: a contract, at least in any form, but you must have a document confirming the payment. If the landlord is not ready to give you a receipt, please specify why: in some cases it is a sign that the room for rent is illegal and your event.

PRICE CLASSES. Novice coaches often underestimate the value of the first class or make it even free. This position does not always agree experienced organizers. “Yes, such a tool of audience engagement is: based on what has worked sarafannoe radio and the listeners will pay money, — explains the expert in conducting master classes with Natalia Badenova. But there is another version: you don’t have to spend all out of pocket. To establish the price needs at least to return spent materials and rent”.

Audience. Should be comfortable and well located.