Total domination of the Russian language continues

The Russians solve a very specific task that the story about the change of flags in the Crimea in February-March, 14-year annexation, voluntary and the business of the Crimeans, regardless of nationality and language. The occupiers are trying to demonstrate that in Crimea people of different nationalities are happy with the new reality. Russia, in turn, trying to pretend that they are ready to meet the needs of all residents of the Ukrainian Peninsula, regardless of their nationality and language.

This is the attempt of privatization of Crimean Ukrainians, which will allow the Russian diplomatic Agency to say “here’s a look at Crimea, all the cultural needs of all citizens are satisfied. Here there is the Crimean Tatar channel, there are Ukrainian-language newspaper”. But this is nothing more than substitution. Because the annexation does not cease to be an annexation, if the occupant starts to pretend to be a sheep with pulled on a sheep’s skin.

Moreover, the experience of the existence of regional languages in the Russian Federation shows that in the national republics indigenous languages cocked to “shareware” status. The languages of national holidays, public festivals, languages optional study. They do not evolve at the Federal level. In the republics of Russia continues to dominate it Russian language.

Exactly the same strategy will be realized in Russia annexed the Ukrainian Crimea. Despite the fact that formally in the so-called Constitution, which was approved by the Russian Federation in Crimea after the annexation prescribed three languages — Russian, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar, in fact it will be total domination of the Russian language in all spheres of public life. And Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar will remain the languages of formal presence.

And Yes, I can well imagine that a newspaper in the Ukrainian language will appear on the Peninsula defiantly. Again, this will allow Russian officials to declare that all the cultural rights of Crimean Ukrainians are satisfied.

In Crimea, Russia fights with Ukrainian political manifestations in pursuit of those citizens who solicitious with the Ukrainian political space. But for Russia it would be convenient to dissolve the Ukrainian Ukrainian national and political to show: Ukrainian national possible within the framework of the Russian Federation.

It is said at times of the Russian speakers on various talk shows that if Ukraine back to Russia, its national language will evolve and all will live in one common state. Of course, this is all a lie, but Russia continues to live a self-awareness of Empire, and such public Declaration is quite natural and logical.