The leader of the “Azov” has accused the leadership of the national guard of separatism and corruption

The people’s Deputy of Ukraine, leader of “Azov” Andrey Biletsky said that the National guard of Ukraine in leadership positions are outright separatists and is valid systematic corruption that threatens the country’s defense.

“I blame the leadership of the national guard in the literal covering up of officers of the separatists. Deputy chief of the Central operational-territorial Association of the National guard, Colonel Alexander golyakov – separatist. In February 2014 he created Krivoy Rog Maidan and urged people to write to “Rih guard.” Such guards were killed in the Revolution and later became a key force in the seizure of RSA and destabilizing the situation in Ukraine in whole”, – Biletsky wrote in his blog on “Ukrainian truth”.

Furthermore, the MP accused the Deputy commander of military unit 3057 of Colonel Yury Colica that during the offensive of the Russian troops in the Crimea and on Donbass it is promoted on the social networks the so-called “DNR” and the accession of Crimea to Russia. The captain of the national guard Yuriy Zadirin, according to him, in social networks voted for the creation of new Russia, and supported Putin and the actions of the employees of “Berkut” on Maidan.

The leader of the “Azov” also said corruption in the national guard and that this “stealing every third hryvnia” and promised to soon make public the relevant facts

The leadership of the national guard, according to Biletsky systematically destroy the volunteer battalions: “Remember, the battalion “Donbass” – he failed to destroy in the transfer, so now it is completed through a paper procedure. From his sister at the beginning, I almost every day you hear the calls to save the regiment”.