“Revolution” in a communal apartment: the heat will drop by 15%, but every Ukrainian will pay for the audit of the apartment

The Ministry of regional development adopted a new State building standards (GOS). The document refers to standards for insulation of buildings which, as stated by the Ministry, will allow to reduce heat consumption by 15%, proportionately reduced and the amount of the payment. In addition, in the near future, according to Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Zubko, the MP needs to adopt a new version of the law on “Housing and communal services” and the law “On energy efficiency of buildings”. The website “Segodnia” find out when and how the Ukrainians will affect “municipal revolution.”

To pay for heat less

Adopted by the GOS, said the Deputy Minister of regional development Lev Partskhaladze, will allow annual savings of 1 billion hryvnia (gas consumption will be reduced by 150 million cubic meters of gas). Officials have revised the requirement of energy efficiency of buildings, which will have to consider all of the builders are still in the design phase.

“Thanks to the adoption of this rule, services for heat in new buildings will be cheaper by 15%. Besides, Ukraine will be able to save 1 billion UAH per year, in 5 years it can be already 5 billion For the energy independence of our country is a big step,” – said Partskhaladze.

“Thanks to the adoption of this rule, services for heat in new buildings will be cheaper by 15%. Besides, Ukraine will be able to save 1 billion UAH per year, in 5 years it can be already 5 billion For the energy independence of our country is a big step,” – said Partskhaladze.

But to pay 15% less for heat only residents of those houses, which appear after the introduction of the new GOS. The rest is, to pay less, will have to invest in the insulation of already constructed buildings. The potential for such savings is huge. Now, as practice shows, the insulated high-rise buildings tenants can pay for heating per square meter to five hryvnia, while in homes with low energy efficiency heating can cost more than 30 hryvnia, that is six times more expensive.

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According to the Chairman of one of Kiev condominiums Vasyl Rudnytsky, in his house the heating of one square meter costs of 6.85 hryvnia. So, for heat in the apartment with an area of 50 square meters will have to pay a total of 342.5 hryvnia. At the same time, residents of the capital who live in the same apartment, but, for example, in a house without heat meter, will have to pay 1648,5 hryvnia. “We have battery slightly warm, and in the house at least 20 degrees! The house is insulated, the set counter is created by heating unit”, – says Vasyl Rudnitskiy. To achieve such a result was possible due to the thermal modernization of the building – insulation of walls, seams, replacement Windows. The less “lost” heat, the less you have to pay for heating.

To pay less, experienced energy auditor, Manager, DTEK ESKO Sergei Svistun advises to set counters, individual heating unit, to conduct energy audit and insulate homes.

“When it comes to the heating system, it needs to be weather-compensated controllers, balancing valves on the risers, thermostats on the radiators in the apartments,” – said Sergey Svistun. Such a system in the house for 100 apartments can cost in 300 thousand hryvnias, that is a total of 3000 hryvnia each apartment. Such equipment will allow to save from 15 to 30% of the heat and will pay for itself in 2-3 heating seasons.

If Ukraine reached the level of efficiency of Poland, said the Deputy head of the parliamentary Committee on fuel and energy complex Oleksandr Dombrovskiy, and refused to import gas, the welfare of Ukrainians could be increased 3.5 times. “In 25 years of independence of Northern neighbor, we paid more than 100 billion dollars for gas, this is another of the GDP,” – says the MP.

In addition, according to the Vice Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, if Ukraine refused to import gas due to increased domestic production and reducing consumption, the dollar, even taking into account the difficult economic situation, would be at 18.5 hryvnia.

Until the end of the year Ukrainians want to be required to pay a penalty and conduct audits

“At the plenary week, we will ask for one day of energy efficiency in the Parliament”, – said Deputy Prime Minister Zubko. In the near future the Parliament should adopt several important bills, among which “On energy efficiency of buildings” and new edition of the law “On housing and communal services”.

According to the first document, all objects under construction and already constructed buildings must undergo an energy efficiency audit at your expense. If an energy audit will be carried out in residential high-rises, will have to pay all the apartment owners. According to experts, the average audit of a typical high-rise buildings can cost 5 to 12 thousand hryvnia. The amount depends on the area of the house and the equipment that uses the energy auditor. For example, a family which had lived in the house for a hundred of apartments, for the audit will have to pay from 50 to 120 UAH.

The approximate cost of the energy audit for the buildings:

  • up to 100 flats – 9.5 thousand UAH
  • up to 300 apartments – 12 thousand hryvnia
  • 350 apartments – 13 thousand hryvnias

“The law of obligations. We all need to understand that this law establishes the requirements for each building energy audit and have an energy efficiency certificate under certain circumstances. Moreover, the law obliges homeowners to carry out technical inspection of air conditioning systems and water systems are concerned, which have greater capacity,” said the co-author of the bill Alyona Babak.

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In the new edition of the law “On housing and communal services” introduced the concept of “steward” condominiums, in addition, the document is, as noted by Alyona Babak, a controversial moment of Ukrainian debts for communal planning are required to pay a penalty.

“In case of untimely payment for utility services the consumer is obliged to pay a penalty in the amount established in the contract, but not higher than 0.1% for each day of delay of debt”, – stated in the bill. So, the debt can increase by 36.5%. The maximum penalty cannot be more than 100% of the debt. There are penalties after the 20th of each month. So, if we defer payment for 10 days, you will have to pay only 1% more.

Note, the price for housing and communal services in Ukraine from January to October 2016 has increased by 32.4% compared to the same period last year, the report said the state statistics. The highest percentage growth in prices have on the hot water and heating – 75,3%. The electricity in the first 10 months of this year the price increased by 63%. Separately for water the population will pay 30.5% more than last year. The price of natural gas rose by 21.5%. This figure is lower than in October last year, when the price has risen to 42.2%. For Sewerage of the population to pay more by 20.7%.