Latvia — 15th in the world in alcohol consumed per capita

Experts from the world health organization (who) has gathered data on the amount of alcohol consumed per capita around the world for five years (2010-2015). The list presents 191 countries. First place is occupied by Moldova: the people of this country on average are consuming 17.4 liters of pure alcohol per year. In second place — Belarus (17,1 l), the third — Lithuania (16,2 liters).

In the top 10 for the amount of alcohol drunk also hit Russia (14,5 litres), Czech Republic (14,1), Ukraine (13.9 percent), Andorra (13,8), Romania (12,9), Serbia and Australia (12,6).

Latvia occupies 15-e a place (12.3 liters), caught between Hungary (12.4) and Croatia (12,2). The indicators of Latvia are quite similar with Slovakia, Portugal, Grenada (12.5) and the UK (12,0). For comparison: Estonia is in the ranking of the 36th (10.3 liters).

Consume slightly less than in Finland, Namibia, France, Poland, South Africa, Bulgaria, Nigeria and Luxembourg (from 11.9 to 11.2 liters per year per person).

As for other countries, Ireland — 28th (10,9 liters), Germany — 32-I (10,6), Spain — 33-I, Kazakhstan — 37, Canada — 38-I, Denmark — 39, USA — 49-e (9,0 liters), Sweden — 52-I, Georgia 66 (7.7 liter), Japan — the 69th, China — 87 minutes (6,7), Italy — 97-I (6,1), Armenia — 108-I (5,3), North Korea — 129-I, Israel — 138, Turkey — 147-I.

At the bottom of the list, compiled by the who — Africa (North and East), Asia (the middle East and South-East) and Oceania. Least of all alcohol consumed by residents of Kuwait, Libya, Mauritania, and Pakistan (0.1 liters of alcohol per year per person), Comoros, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh (0.2), Egypt, Niger and Yemen (0.3).