Trump called Assad “animal”

The US President Donald trump, justifying by the United States missile attack on the air base, the Syrian air force, said that the worsening Syrian conflict are guilty of Russia, and also in a very insulting manner spoke about the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad.

“If Russia did not support this animal, there would be no problems,” he said in an interview with Fox Business, answering a question of the leader of al-Assad.

Trump said: “I Think it’s very bad for Russia. I think this is very bad for humanity. This is very bad for the modern world. But when reset or chemical barrel bombs directly into the center of crowds, then, frankly, watching the children without hands, without feet, it is clear that is [made] animal.”

Recall, April 4, in the Syrian town of Khan shaykhun there was a chemical attack, which killed nearly 100 people. Most Western countries and the Syrian opposition blamed it on the Syrian government. In Damascus, the accusations, assuring that never used chemical weapons on its territory.

In response to this alleged attack the United States caused by last week’s missile attack on a Syrian airbase.