It’s hysterical to call Russia a threat

The defense Minister is exaggerating the threat from Russia, said the Danish people’s party. However, the party is ready for a substantial increase in defense spending. The social Democrats in doubt.

The defense of Russian — outdated, she was not even close to the power of NATO. So it’s just hysterical when defence Minister Klaus yort Fredriksen (Claus Hjort Frederiksen) calls the threat from Russia “alarming” and warns that the Russian government is directing hacker attacks that can paralyze Danish hospitals and electricity.

This is the view expressed by the speaker of the Danish people’s party on military matters, Marie Krarup, after Klaus yort Fredriksen in an interview with Berlingske outlined a “serious” threat from Russia.

“Russia is modernizing and strengthening its defense, but she’s still a 10-12 times weaker than NATO. And you have to be very hysterical to call it a real threat. Russia can compete with the West in regard to nuclear weapons,” says Marie Krarup.

In addition, Klaus yort Fredriksen tells about the danger associated with the fact that Russia can use hacking attacks to “paralyze the Danish democracy” that Putin puts Kaliningrad missiles that can hit Copenhagen.

“It looms very serious and frightening picture of the threats directly to Denmark”, says Claus yort Fredriksen on the basis of information received from the leadership of the armed forces, and interviews, in particular with ambassadors and current Minister of defense.

So he’s going to take the initiative of increasing costs of Denmark for the defense, when this year will hold talks on military budget.

According to Horta, it will be done to ensure that Denmark and NATO could “deter” Russia.

“We in Denmark should clearly understand that all of us in one form or another is in danger. And we have to act with this in mind,” he says.

As for building defense, Marie Krarup agree with the Minister of defence.

“We were against the reduction of defense spending by 15%, when the defence budget was discussed last time. You need to go back to the old numbers, and even add. The level of tension is now higher than for many preceding years. And it can lead to conflict. We had a chance to discharge, if we wanted to, because here everything depended on the West. The invitation to the NATO dialogue with Russia is actually an invitation to obey, because he obviously had to happen on the terms of the West, not on the principles of parity,” she says.

Whether, for example, concern the Baltic countries of Russia?

“You have to remember that this situation has arisen not yesterday. I agree that the Balts were in a dangerous situation, but I think this is also to blame and the EU, and NATO. The West pursued a policy that led to an incredibly tense situation. And it is clear that in such a situation, the most vulnerable border of the country. You will also see that Ukraine is engulfed in civil war. But this, in my opinion, happened in the first place because of the West,” — said Marie Krarup.

Denmark under pressure from trump

Only five of the 28 NATO countries are used, according to statements by the NATO minimum of 2% of its GDP on defense. Denmark, which spent a year about 20 billion kroner invested in defense only approximately 1,17% of GDP in 2016. If Denmark will follow the objectives of NATO, the military expenditures should increase by about another 20 billion CZK, i.e. almost double.

Klaus yort did not say how much costs will increase, but Denmark closer to the goal to spend on the military 2% of GDP, as the US has demanded that all countries-NATO members would approach this goal. The fact that Denmark is under pressure, says Klaus yort.

“We feel great pressure from the current Obama administration, and also due to the fact that said future President trump the need to increase our defense spending in line with the intended purpose, i.e., to 2%,” he says.

Donald trump repeatedly warned against the fact that NATO countries, which make a lack of economic contribution to the budget of the Alliance, can’t be sure that the Americans will be to protect them in accordance with article 5 of the Atlantic Pact that an attack on one NATO country is an attack on all.

Social Democrats believe it is important “never to be naive towards Russia, not to mention the relationship with Putin — just ask Ukraine”, but, equally important not to panic.

“We must remember that we are members of NATO. Militarily, Russia will not be able to handle it, if you attack only one country — member of NATO. I doubt that the Red Army is sent to us via the Baltic sea. And also, we should not increase military spending only to increase them. If we have to do it, after a clear analysis, showing that we have become stronger for the sake of our own safety,” says Henrik Dam Kristensen, Henrik (Henrik Dam Kristensen).

Klaus yort Fredriksen now wants to analyze the costs of defense to see whether effectivedate within the armed forces. Possible savings will remain in the army, emphasizes the yort.

It is expected that the government will act with their own initiative based on new negotiations on the defence budget during the spring or early summer.