Spy about the relationship of the tramp with Russia: “hair stood on end”

Last fall, a week before the election, I wrote that a former employee of the intelligence sent to the FBI reports very disturbing suspicions about Donald trump. The reports indicated that the sources of the former employee of intelligence said, if the Russian intelligence services a few years ago began operation with the aim to engage or promote trump, and gathered up dirt on him. Sources also suggested that trump and his inner circle regularly received intelligence information from the Kremlin. The reports provoked a storm in the media and in political circles, when CNN reported that President Barack Obama and trump learned of the existence of these reports. About this informed the security services while reporting on alleged Russian hacker attacks on the political organizations of the USA in 2016 to help Trump to win the election. Preparing your article in October, I spoke with the author of the reports, promising not to reveal his name, nationality and the name of counterintelligence, where he worked for about 20 years, mainly in the Russian division.

The former spy told me that in early June, a private American company hired him to study the activity of trump in Europe and in Russia. “Initially, the investigation was fairly common,” he said. In particular, it was asked whether trump’s business in Russia. The American company engaged in the investigation commissioned by opponents of the trump, and the first job paid for the Republican source, and then the funding was taken by the Democrats. The former spy said that the client name is not known.

Former scout went to work and brought into action a network of sources in Russia and in other countries. He soon received information, from which, according to him, his “hair stood on end”. Sources told him that Russian intelligence gathered on trump’s “sex dirt” in 2013 (when the trump has arrived in Moscow for holding of the beauty contest Miss universe) or even earlier. In addition, he said that “the headquarters of the trump and the Kremlin regularly exchanged information for mutual benefit”. According to him, “these assumptions are shaken”. At the end of June he sent his report to the American companies who hired him.

The former spy told me that soon found the information it gathers is quite serious and has sent information to his contacts in the FBI. He noted that he did it without permission, it hired an American company. “The situation was extraordinary”, — he stressed.

In his memoirs, the FBI at the data “was shocked and came to the horror.” Few weeks the FBI asked him to tell about the sources and their reliability, as well as how he got his information. The Bureau also asked him to continue to send copies of their reports. These reports, he said, was not written in the form of the finished work. They were a refinement of information received from numerous sources former intelligence officer. He said that his “experience from a professional point of view has no equal”.

The former spy told me that didn’t want to talk to reporters. He noted that common practice does not provide for this. “Like me, usually stays in the shadows,” he said. But he said he considers the collected information is very important, but does not know what the FBI is doing to his reports. At the moment, there are no visible signs that the FBI is investigating these assumptions (FBI at the time, refused to tell me whether you have received these reports, and checks whether the information in them).

“The materials were of great importance, far above party politics — said to me by a former spy. — I believe that the party of the tramp she should be aware of such information”. He added that, in his opinion, the efforts of the Russian intelligence, focused on the trump, was part of Vladimir Putin’s campaign to “discredit, undermine and split systems of Western democracies”.

After talking with a former employee of counterintelligence, I was able to confirm his identity and experience. A senior official of the US administration told me that he worked with former sting, and that this former spy has good experience of supply U.S. government agencies with reliable and accurate information on important issues related to national security. “He has a reliable source for a long time supplying information to the US government, and senior officials considered this information highly reliable”, — said the official.

I also had the opportunity to view these reports and the key points used in your article. I did not report specific suspicions, especially about the terrible assumptions about personal behavior trump — as they cannot confirm. The purpose of the publication at that time was that reliable intelligence official provided information to the FBI, according to which Moscow was pushing a presidential candidate and gathered up dirt on him. And at that time the question was tested whether the FBI properly suspicion associated with trump and Russia, in that time, the Bureau reported publicly on the investigation of the use of e-mail, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of state. I also did not publish the reports, in contrast to the fact that this week did BuzzFeed, in order not to jeopardize the sources of the former spy.

When I talked to a former spy, he looked confident in the data collected, given the fact that the material still to be processed, and seemed genuinely concerned about the consequences of these suspicions. He gave the impression of a serious, professional, closed, not wanting to talk with journalists or to create a public stir. He understood that risk, but considered it their duty to share information believed critical. He noted that the suspicions deserve careful scrutiny by the FBI. The FBI has still not said whether such an investigation. Said the former spy, the story should be made public.