Black dove of peace. The results of the Obama presidency

Barack Obama will go down in history as the first black President of the United States and not successful reformer and a revolutionary, committed a significant political, social and economic transformation.

The Eulogy, which is an integral part of the political heritage of America, devoted to the glorification of his activities and criticism of Donald trump, who next week will take his seat in the White house. Obama in farewell speech said that the USA was better than it was before his arrival and not mentioned his failures in foreign policy that led to the loss of America’s hegemony status, according to most experts, and the winning trump.

Корреспондент.net sums up the eight years of the reign of Barack Obama and recalls that he promised, and what is left behind.

A good man with a funny name

African American, son of a single mother, studied in a private school in Honolulu, Hawaii. Higher education received at Columbia University and the law school of Harvard. A tall, slender guy with the funny name, well-played basketball, was a fighter, but also a great diplomat who knew how to organize itself around alliances even with rivals. So he is remembered by his classmates. He talked about his “low moral decline” while studying at school smoked pot and did cocaine.

Literary critics admire his collections of books for the summer, the musicians admire his playlists, scientists and entrepreneurs are surprised by his intelligence and inquisitive mind. He is perfectly able to communicate with young children. But, despite such attractiveness and charm, his presidency was one of the most controversial in US history and contributed to the split in American society.

Occupying the White house, he uttered such words as have not had any other U.S. President, becoming his personality and the eloquence of the conductor hopes Americans and the world. No one doubts that Barack Obama is a good man, but a strong politician, he did not, and his feelings went beyond words. Experts say that he lacked decisiveness and credibility, so abroad it had failed, but Congress blocked his bold reforms.

The Nobel peace prize, but the war goes on

Obama received the Nobel peace prize nine months of stay in an armchair of the US President. Probably this was an advance after the warlike policy of his predecessor George W. Bush. Receiving the award, in his speech, Obama singled out four priorities for its mission of achieving world peace — the creation of a new era without nuclear weapons, the improvement of the situation with global warming, overcoming intolerance and conflict among civilizations, the return of peace between israilli and the Palestinians. In his second inaugural address he said to the applause of that “decade of war is coming to an end.” But while he was in power, America was at war, albeit reluctantly. Priority Obama has moved only in two directions — nuclear weapons became smaller and more than one hundred countries agreed on the climate.

Economic victory

Obama became President two the month after the financial crisis. But he met his very constructive — has made the adoption of economic stimulus programs worth $ 800 billion, saved a large part of the automobile industry from bankruptcy, made the adoption of the law on banking regulation, which, in particular, must prevent the banks to speculate in real estate. The US is now experiencing a strong economic recovery, unemployment is low, while Europe is still struggling to recover after years of crisis. That 2017 year promises to be better, too, associated not least with the rise of the United States.

Health care reform

Obama made reform of health insurance under the cries for help from Congress, where the Democrats had a majority in both houses. More than 20 million people who have no medical insurance, you got it. Forbidden to deny people insurance based on previous medical history. But many had to pay more because the cheapest and bad insurance now outlawed. In addition, those who didn’t care enough to sign a contract of insurance, have to pay fines. The reform became the object of hatred number two, the Republicans and trump now calling it off.

Friction with the Republican majority in Congress

One of the biggest mistakes Obama has become what he has failed to negotiate with the Republicans, who have a majority in the U.S. Congress. So he, living in isolation, had used Executive power more often than he would like, and the other resorted to it before, and had to look for a well-founded political decisions. The congressmen blamed Obama in contempt of Congress and let many of his reforms. Notably his President’s message in 2009, when during a speech one of the congressmen shouted, “You lie!”.


Without Any Core Of Iran

Iran and world powers (USA, France, UK, Germany, China and Russia) reached an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program in exchange for lifting of sanctions against Tehran. The agreement stipulates that Iran will have to get rid of 98 percent of its stockpile of enriched uranium and agree to IAEA inspections, “when and where necessary.” Tehran also pledged to dismantle two-thirds of active centrifuges for enriching uranium and stored them under international supervision.


July 1, the United States and Cuba have agreed to reopen their embassies in Havana and Washington. The restoration of relations with Cuba, the U.S. Congress offered Obama. Although relations between the two countries improve, Havana, States that a full normalization of US have to evacuate the military base of guantánamo Bay and to end the economic embargo. Cuba and the United States signed an agreement on the resumption of flights.


The US withdrew from solving the crisis in Syria in 2013, when Obama refused to strike Assad’s forces who used sarin gas against its own population, though the us President warned that this will be a “red line”. Obama believed that to bomb Syria for the sake of prestige and authority is dangerous and “stupid”, and that further participation in this will delay America network, to rescue the civilians will not work. He now thinks so. Now this scene in Syria is Russia, as well as China tries to consolidate its position in Asia, especially in the South China sea.


After the annexation of Crimea, the U.S. imposed economic sanctions against Russia, and persuaded the EU to do likewise. Despite the fact that EU sanctions also hurt, but still won’t change them. Obama has repeatedly contacted Vladimir Putin and I personally met with him to discuss the situation in Eastern Ukraine. The us President also discussed the Ukrainian issue with the President and officials from his entourage repeatedly visited Ukraine. It also created the Normandy format on Ukraine. Obviously, Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande represent in this format the American position. The United States also provided Ukraine with billions of dollars in support and assistance in the form of equipment and training.