United States will experience heavy duty laser weapons

In the United States in 2018, plans to start testing an unprecedentedly powerful laser weapons that can destroy missiles, aircraft and enemy ships. This was reported by “Gordon” with reference to the edition Warrior.

The laser power will be 150 kW, which will be a breakthrough compared with the previous military laser that was installed in 2014, landing on the USS Ponce and successfully hit the drones. Its power is only 30 kW, the magazine notes.
The estimated cost of a single shot from a new gun – $0,59, at that time, as the traditional launch of the interceptor missile may cost several hundred thousand dollars.

The new weapon is designed as a temporary failure of the objects of the enemy, and the complete physical destruction of enemy aircraft or warships.

The main problem of such laser weapons – the need for a powerful power supply. Today the only ship of the United States, satisfying these conditions, is the newest superesminets Zumwalt.

Before starting sea trials, specialists intend to test the gun on the ground.

At Northrop Grumman, which is developing a combat laser, say that the possible vehicle fleet with new weapons will depend on the experience that the prototype will produce the leadership of the U.S. Navy.