Ukrainians are waiting for the hard months the expert said, what will happen to the dollar

In Ukraine the dollar early in the year can change dramatically. So, because of the need to repay foreign currency loans, purchasing energy and unfavorable conditions in foreign markets. President of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko suggests: in January-February, the national currency may devaluate to UAH 29-30.

“In January we have to pay the IMF loan and to pay interest on state debt,” – says Alexander Okhrimenko. According to the expert, repayment will have to spend about $ 800 million. These funds can take the gold and foreign exchange reserves of the country.

If the national Bank will use to repay the loan reserve, the dollar, according to Okhrimenko, will remain in the range of 27 hryvnia, the NBU will decide to take the currency market, the rate will jump to 28.5-30 hryvnia.

“January is a hard month. February – hard to say, there will be affected importers and the flow of money from migrant workers. If they are the same revenues as last year, we can expect a strengthening of the hryvnia, for example, at 27. But if money and the risk of this exists, then the situation will be more difficult,” – said the economist.