This theory of “Game of thrones” can reveal how Daenerys learns about who Jon snow really is

Beware, this post contains spoilers about the seventh season of “Game of thrones”.


Jon snow and daenerys Targaryen finally came face-to-face in the third series of the seventh season of “Game of thrones”. But if the finale of the sixth season seemed to confirm a favorite theory fans of R+L=D (John is the illegitimate son of ned stark, and the son of the sister of ned Lenny and brother of Daenerys Rhaegar), that at this meeting there was no indication any of its members for their alleged relationship.

However, some fans believe that one part of the book series “a Song of ice and fire” by George R. R. Martin (the Foundation series) can predict, at least one of them finds out that they have a common inheritance.

In “Dance with dragons” Kveyt, the sorceress-the sorceress from Asshai, briefly glimpsed in the second season, shared the following changes in the life of Danny in his vision: “to go North you must go South. To reach West, you must go to the East. To go forward, we must return. To reach the light, you need to go under the shadows.” “Kveyt, called Danny, where are you?” And she saw. Her mask consisted of starlight. “Remember who you are, Daenerys whispered stars a female voice, the Dragons know. And you?”

If some people predicted that the last line of this prophecy indicates that Dany will have to go to the Land of shadows Asshai before crossing the narrow sea to Westeros, the user of the website Reddit Novastrider recently proposed a new theory of “shadow”, which BB meet Daenerys let John explore the mines of obsidian at Dragonstone.

There were many theories about the meaning of this prophecy. If the first part was quite clear (Dani), the latter have always interpreted as something related to Assem. In the books even Daenerys says about it: “Assai, thought Danny, she sent me to Asshai”. “Will you give me, Essay the army?— she asked. — Will there be ships? What is in Assee what I find in Qarth?” “True,” replied the masked woman.

But as we well know many years later, she, in all probability, never will visit, Assay neither in the series nor in the books. It would be great to see it, but most likely this phrase in the books was the author’s subtle ploy to confuse the reader, so that the version with Aseem and Lands shadow was withdrawn. So let’s again look at the prophecy, given all that we now know.

“To go North you need to go to the South,” obviously refers to her journey to the southernmost city in Quart and back.

“To reach the West, you need to go to the East,” Danny gathered his army in the East, when she was required to take over the West.

“To go forward, we must go back” — this is interesting. Many have interpreted this as a return to Westeros or Meereen or Dothrak, but most of all, we are talking about something more specific and more distant in the plot. This refers to the return to Dragonstone, the place of her birth. We get a lot more related details in the hint Kveyt.

“Remember who you are, Daenerys whispered stars a female voice, the Dragons know. And you?” — she embodies many things, but most importantly, she is daenerys Stormborn, born during a storm on Dragonstone, the place of dragons. But why is Dragonstone of all places in Westeros? That’s where we need unsolved last hint and the next series.

“To touch the light, you need to go under the shadows,” now we know that Dragonstone is abandoned mine obsidian. But what Daenerys will find, down under the earth, under the castle of Stannis the Shadows?

“The truth,” said the woman in the mask.

In the series this week, Jon and Daenerys are exploring a cave under a Dragon stone, it gives us a reason to trust the theory that this moment will play an important role. Whether it is true that you have to know Daenerys, associated with these John’s parents?

The fourth series of the seventh season of “game of thrones” will be aired on HBO on August 6 in 21 hours.